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Smartitecture: NaissanceE Release Trailer

Don't mention the 'E'.

Jim is not here to talk intelligently and make big wordthinks about the style and architecture of NaissanceE, which is about 90% of of the game. So instead you get a headline with a made-up word in it that I thought up on the toilet*. What can I say? It's pretty and grey, and the endless and unchanging corridors will probably make me feel physically ill, because it reminds me of my fever dreams. Loves it.

NaissanceE is a place where the player contemplates the loneliness of the universe. You'll explore the world, ponder the incomprehensible nature of the creatures you meet: are they machines, or are they an unknowable and new form of life? Who knows. Not me, because I will be running and hiding. Also, there will be jumping puzzles. Because games. So watch and perhaps ponder this trailer, and if you are a smart person then you're more than welcome to contemplate. But if you meditate on it, you've gone too far, and you should take the next exit out of that reality. And whatever you do, don't head towards the light.

So it's a release trailer, is it? And when's it out? It's out on Steam on Friday February 13th.


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