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Attention, London: RPS Social Club This Weekend

Game 'n' talk

The monthly meeting of the London branch of the RPS Social Club is set to take place this Saturday at The Blue Posts, a convival spot suitable for games of card, board and dice, the meeting of good spirits, and the imbibing of good spirits (also beers, cider, soft drinks and tea). If you'd like to discuss your fashionably timed arrival with other members of the RPS community, this particular forum thread is the best place to discuss such things. I see that somebody is planning to take Cosmic Encounter along, which is a fine treat, but I would suggest that at least one person take a set of Tiddlywinks and a 14th Century Halatafl set. More Social Club news below.

Since the London folks are so very well organised (they probably have a newsletter and everything), it makes sense to post about their meet-ups on a monthly basis. But if anyone else would like to arrange a meeting, in whatever part of the world they might be, I'm more than happy to include details here next month. It'd be great to have a monthly round-up of places that people can meet with fellow RPS readers for gaming, good times and maybe more*.

If you'd like to discover other readers in your area, drop into the forum thread mentioned earlier and/or email me with relevant details. Next month, or the month after, let's see if we can squeeze more cities into this post.

*RPS Social Club is not an online dating venture, should not be treated as an online dating venture and if it is utilised as an online dating venture, subscription fees should be forwarded to Castle RPS, Perfunctory Avenue, Kerfuffleshire.

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