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Alternatingly Current - Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect


Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect was Kickstarted in June two years ago, and supposed to be released in December 2012. That was always a touch hopeful. However, come December 2013 there was still no indication of a release date, and since then there's been an ominous quiet. Fortunately that quiet is broken, with Tex "Chris Jones" Murphy releasing a new video to explain the gap. The game, he says, is now the length of two full Tex Murphy adventures.

This is then confusingly described as "about the size of The Pandora Directive", which would be one Tex Murphy adventure. But one big one. Anyway, it's twice as big as they'd anticipated. They've also decided to release the game in a monitor-confusing 2K, rather than the originally pledged 1080p. I imagine they only made the first promise to assure people this wasn't going to be postage-stamp videos stretched to blurring, as was the way of the early 90s FMV gaming. Looks like they filmed it rather high-def then.

It's actually rather appropriate for this daft series to be the first to embrace 2K (the resolution, not the publisher), as Tex Murphy: Overseer was supposed to be the first game to create a special version for new-fangled DVDs in 1998. Groundbreaking, without anyone really noticing - that's the Access/Big Finish Way.

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