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New Rain World Trailer As Beautiful As Previous Trailers

Physicsy everything

With every new trailer, Rain World moves a little further towards being the indie game I'm most looking forward to this year. It's a challenging platformer set in a dripping alien world, in which you control Slugcat, a bounding white acrobat in an ecosystem of tasty, swarming bats and vicious lizards. Oh, the lizards - look at that one's tongue!

It's beautiful and physicsy and ecosystemy and there's a new trailer below, showing more of its world than ever.

Rain World has been successfully funded via Kickstarter, earning almost twice its asking amount with eight days to go. Previous videos had shown off part of its world and the mannerisms of its different coloured enemies, but this latest video shows a whole lot more. From the Kickstarter update:

As the search for food and shelter takes you farther from the familiarity of your home nest, these rooms begin to span different environments and terrains; from your earthy burrows far underground, to ancient industrial jungle, chimney-pipe canopy, shattered cityscapes, machinery, bogs, blight and beyond!

Can all my posts have GIFs now? Here's the Garbage Worm from the trailer:

It's beautiful. I'll see if I can get my hands on a build or a developer in order to do more coverage.

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