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Sly: Tango Fiesta Is 'Rambo - The Alternative Videogame'

Playable at Rezzed

Broforce is also an acceptable alternative to Rambo but Tango Fiesta is a Jam success story every bit as invigorating as the (granny) rags-to-riches tale of Mrs Tuppence's Old-Time Elderberry Preserves. Created during last year's Rezzed livejam in eight hours, the original prototype involved burly men of the eighties shooting enemies and grass. Enemies moved more slowly when creeping through grass but were obscured from view, and the grass had apparently taken as many steroids as the soldiers, causing it to grow at a ridiculous rate. For a one-screen top-down Arnie-inspired shooter, it was a surprisingly tactical experience, and the full version is to be a "Rogue-like or maybe a Rogue-lite", according to the developers.

I think the prototype had multiplayer and the full version certainly will, supporting up to four co-op buddies. If you play on your own, you'll control the entire squad, which isn't as complex as it sounds - they only know how to run, shoot and level up, I'm betting.

Mastertronic have taken on publishing duties and having originated at last year's jam, Tango Fiesta will be playable on the showfloor at this year's Rezzed. Below, you can see the first video diary which doesn't contain any footage of the game but does feature Spilt Milk Studios head Andrew Smith having an emotion in front of a camera.

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