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With Lofty Aims: Ascendant 


Ascendant looks a lot like Guacamelee at first glance. But its 2D beat-em-up ways are apparently roguelite rather than metroidvania. And rather importantly in that distinction, the platforming environments are randomly generated.

This is the first project from Hapa Games, a team spawned from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, which is boasting big variety in weapon styles, changeable moves and attacks, and even variation in the appearances of bosses. Along the way you gather "Aspects", or as I call them even when talking about a demigod central character, "powers". These are socketed into weapons or armour, and will bestow abilities on you like double-jump (yay), better spells, or new attacks. Combat is deliberately tough, and your character isn't overwhelmed with health. Take a look:

There's an inevitable Greenlight page, and I don't imagine it should have too much trouble getting through there. Also, here's a video of the game's designer, Nick Farah, talking about it all.

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