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Make Vroom For World Of Speed

Next Next Car Game

I'll bet everyone at Slightly Mad Studios gets on well with their dads. Since 2009, they've made four car games, and everyone knows dads like cars. It explains my strained relationship with my dad, because I like cats, not cars. Anyway, World Of Speed, is their newly announced fifth car game: it's a massively multiplayer free-to-play racing game. Apparently it'll include "everyday city runners to the fastest super cars on the planet to the most iconic cars from throughout the storied history of auto racing", all racing through the streets of London, San Francisco, and more. I have some screenshots, a trailer, and I also have a quote from the press release, which I'm only sharing because I need to crowd-source a translation.

So help me out. It says this:

World of Speed introduces a new level of connected competition allowing players real-time interactive social gameplay through intense Club and team gameplay, the Airfield social hub, and unique missions and objectives in every race to make every players actions really matter

And I do not know what it means. There's some specifics there, but nothing else in the press document really explains what those social elements are. It's a game about cars! Talk about torque and brakes, please. There's some talk of the game being supported "with live events and player challenges, new gameplay modes, tracks and cars and much more." Who knows? I just hope they mean you can have lots of fun driving around with friends on the same bit of road, and that don't mean tweeting and driving, because that is not cool.

The closed beta will be here in the Spring.

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