October 2021 Archive

    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Netflix's The Witcher gets a full season two trailer
    2. The Sims 4's next free update will add challenge scenarios
    3. Crusader Kings 3's first DLC delayed as Paradox aren't satisfied with its "stability"
    4. Little Devil Inside's world map is just as cute as its combat
    5. Developers write open letter asking Valve to reverse Steam's NFT ban
    6. Happy Halloween on RPS! Have a load of horror-themed writing to celebrate
    7. The weird folk horror of Mundaun
    8. What are we all playing this weekend?
    9. When did horror games become team sports?
    10. $220 for a 27-in 1440p 144Hz ViewSonic monitor is an absolute steal
    11. WD's 2TB SN550 NVMe SSD is well cheap on Amazon UK
    1. Best Tactical Rifles in Warzone
    2. Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone
    3. Mushrooms, mould and killer plants: the best horror isn't animal, it's vegetable
    4. An ode to Kain from Blood Omen and his Legacy - including Untitled Goose Game
    5. PUBG company buying Subnautica studio Unknown Worlds
    6. Ultimate Audio Bang #17: weird and wonderful FPS vocab
    7. Apex Legends Armor and Gear [Season 11]
    8. Apex Legends attachments [Season 11]
    9. Carve pumpkins for a virtual pumpkin festival in this free indie game
    10. Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker are the first games with Intel XeSS support
    11. Apex Legends Wattson abilities, tips and tricks [Season 11]
    12. Where are all the good Stephen King games?
    13. The Rally Point: The Riftbreaker is light on strategy but carries a lot with it
    14. Facebook parent company now named Meta, unveiling vision of a metaverse
    15. Apex Legends Arena mode
    1. The WD Black SN750 1TB NVMe SSD is £87 for 1TB: good deal
    2. Razer's Viper Ultimate mouse is nearly £100 off at Amazon UK
    3. Activision Blizzard CEO commits to waiving forced arbitration, and a temporary paycut
    4. Apex Legends' new hero Ash hunts squads with Titanfall-inspired abilities
    5. Apex Legends CAR SMG stats [Season 11]
    6. Apex Legends' new map Stormpoint comes with vicious wildlife and excellent cannons
    7. Inscryption is horrifying because it does things games aren't supposed to
    8. Square Enix announce Star Ocean The Divine Force
    9. Forget Far Cry 6, the bugs in Hollow Knight can send me snarky emails anytime
    10. Get the brand new SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ gaming headset for 12% off
    11. PNY's great value DDR4 RAM is going cheap in the US
    1. Can my Darkest Dungeon 2 party please shut up for five minutes
    2. All I want for spook month is more classic survival horror
    3. Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs announced: everything you need to know
    4. Satisfactory adding train signals, train timetables, and train crashes
    5. Shadow Warrior 3 delayed into next year
    1. WD's insanely big 14TB HDD is down to £222, almost £90 off
    2. The best PCIe 4.0 SSD we've tested is going cheap at Amazon UK
    3. You can visit New Vegas again in a Fallout 4 mod
    4. Turbo Overkill is the most fun you'll have with a chainsaw leg
    5. Darkest Dungeon 2 is out now in early access
    6. The best weapons and attachments in Back 4 Blood
    7. How to enable Auto HDR in Windows 11
    8. You can batter people with fish in Chivalry 2's new tavern brawl mode
    9. Rad roguelike Caves Of Qud has added friendlier modes
    10. Back 4 Blood Special Ridden and how to fight them
    11. Lo-fi horror and the allure of an uncanny Bitsy
    12. Phasmophobia has added a haunted campsite map and new ghosts
    13. Valve confirm Steam autumn, winter, and Halloween sale dates
    1. Best Diablo 2: Resurrected classes and builds
    2. Moonglow Bay review: a relaxing fishing RPG that's all about keeping it reel
    3. Please, stop with all the godawful emails about NFT gaming
    4. No More Heroes developers Grasshopper bought by NetEase
    5. Halo Infinite campaign trailer shows big levels with bases to capture
    6. Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy review: a blast from the past
    7. Overwatch's McCree will be renamed Cole Cassidy
    8. How Beatrix Potter and a fear of open water inspired the surreal, Limbo-like horror puzzler Silt
    9. The best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build
    10. The best Back 4 Blood Holly build
    11. Age Of Empires 4 review: a confident and moreish strategy epic
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. CD Projekt have bought the studio behind The Flame In The Flood
    2. How to enable Crossplay in Back 4 Blood
    3. Best Back 4 Blood cards
    4. My hunger for games like Warcraft 2 is slowly being sated
    5. How to uninstall Windows 11 and go back to Windows 10
    6. How to upgrade to Windows 11
    7. New World Saltpeter locations: how to gather Saltpeter Ore in New World
    8. Back 4 Blood Supply Lines, cards, and decks explained
    9. Truck Simulator now supports mods in multiplayer
    10. Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy's first trailer looks shiny yet cartoony
    11. Doom Eternal's Horde mode arrives next week
    12. Halo Infinite will let you host a cross-platform LAN party on a PC dedicated server
    13. Back 4 Blood tips and tricks
    14. Little Hope spoiler chat: I have some questions
    15. New World character transfers paused due to gold duping glitch
    16. How Psychonauts 2 turns the mind inside out
    1. Football Manager 2022's early access beta is available now
    2. No Man's Sky's new update lets you ride on flying worms
    3. Corsair's flagship Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT headset is 26% off in the UK
    4. Haunted Chocolatier is the Stardew Valley developer's next RPG
    5. Get a high-spec 1TB NVMe SSD for £139 after a 21% off voucher
    6. Battlefield 2042 will tweak maps, UI and more in response to beta feedback
    7. The Uncharted movie finally has a trailer
    8. Razer cap RazerCon announcements with first PSU and liquid cooler components
    9. Dwarf Fortress Steam edition video demonstrates convenience of seeing what's happening
    10. Amanita's unhappy Happy Game is coming in time for Halloween
    11. Best Skyrim console commands on PC
    12. Skyrim will add aquariums in its Anniversary Edition
    13. EWS podcast episode 161: the best songs special
    14. Can’t buy an RTX 3080? GeForce Now will let you play with one in the cloud
    15. Letter From The Editor #03: EGX Rezzed is dead, long live EGX Rezzed
    16. Charming tower defence Toy Soldiers has an HD remaster now
    17. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes review: very nearly a fun horror romp
    18. Austin Powers spliced into Mass Effect makes a disturbingly good Shepard
    19. Into The Pit was inspired by Devil Daggers and a Nicolas Cage film
    20. Bethesda's new Starfield trailer introduces mercenary and pirate factions
    21. New World now lets you transfer your character to another server
    22. Evertried review: a rough-hewn roguelike that fails to stand out
    1. Get the outstanding Razer Viper ultralight mouse for 50% off
    2. Get an RTX 3070 gaming laptop for £1250 after a £150 discount
    3. CD Projekt Red delay The Witcher 3's next-gen update
    4. God Of War is coming to PC in January 2022
    5. Which New World Faction should you choose: Syndicate, Covenant, or Marauders?
    6. Best Subnautica mods
    7. How to get Fiber and Hemp in New World
    8. Over 20 people reported for behaviour now gone from Activision Blizzard
    9. WD Blue SN570 review: The best cheap SSD grows up
    10. New World Iron: where to find Iron Ore and how to get Fae Iron
    11. The zombies in Back 4 Blood are more fashionable than me
    12. New World beginner's guide: tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in New World
    13. Activision Blizzard want harassment lawsuit paused over conflict of interest
    14. New World Briar Branches: where to find Briars in New World
    15. New World Petalcaps: where to find Fronded Petalcaps in New World
    16. Gloomhaven review: a loving adaptation that nails the ambition and detail of the tabletop original
    1. Riders Republic will offer a free trial week before launch
    2. Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting more free updates with GOTY edition
    3. Halo and Disintegration's Marcus Lehto founding new studio with EA
    4. Dead By Daylight's Hellraiser models are now an NFT
    5. Leaked 'do not ban' list reveals how Twitch dealt with rule breakers
    6. Get an RTX 3060 gaming laptop for $850 in an early Black Friday deal
    7. Upgrade your PC with two sticks of 8GB 3200MHz RAM for £55
    8. Grotto review: a grim, mystical tale about the limitations of language
    9. Crysis Remastered Trilogy: new and old versions compared
    10. Total War: Warhammer 3 trailer shows Grand Cathay and Tzeentch rumbling
    11. Amazon Games investigating New World invulnerability exploit
    12. Assassin's Creed Valhalla's educational Discovery Tour is out today
    13. Apex Legends' new character is a familiar face from Titanfall 2
    14. I'm sorry to say it New World, but you need mounts, mate
    15. ActRaiser Renaissance review: raise one for a great remake of a 16-bit classic
    16. RPS Asks: you to please take our 2021 readership survey
    1. Dell's 1440p 240Hz Alienware monitor is back to £550
    2. Exclusive: Here's how you'll know which games will run on Valve's Steam Deck
    3. Get a WD Blue 4TB SSD for just $339 at Newegg - $50 off its normal price
    4. AMD's fast Ryzen 9 5900X CPU has hit new lows at Amazon UK
    5. Into The Pit review: a gorgeous roguelike shooter that sadly descends into comfortable familiarity
    6. Monster Hunter Rise PC vs Switch: how the demo compares
    7. With mage hunts and talking trees, Salt And Sacrifice is looking like a worthy successor to Salt And Sanctuary
    8. Machinarium is selling the best merch: a bronze statuette of its adorable star
    9. Inscryption review: a sinister and excellently crafted card game with a darkly comic underbelly
    10. Elden Ring delayed to February 25th, 2022
    11. Succubus has censorship on by default, and it's unintentionally the most hilarious thing I've ever seen
    12. Say hello to RPS' new guides writers, Rebecca Jones and Hayden Hefford
    13. Oh, nope, Microsoft's big hint at Fable news today was nothing
    14. Back 4 Blood jukebox music list
    15. Gotham Knights trailer introduces its baddies, the Court of Owls
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. GTA: The Trilogy system requirements and details allegedly leak
    2. Dota 2's next hero is Marci from the Dota: Dragon's Blood anime
    3. Tweet2Doom lets you play Doom via Twitter
    4. Rocksteady's Suicide Squad gets a new story trailer
    5. Epic Games Store will "welcome games that make use of blockchain tech"
    6. Minecraft Dungeons adds roguelikelike singleplayer mode this December
    7. Minecraft's The Wild Update will add excellent frogs after Caves & Cliffs
    8. Minecraft will soon bundle Java and Bedrock editions together
    9. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Portal speedrunner explains their wild tricks to Valve developers
    2. Twitch are "confident" no passwords or credit cards were exposed in leak
    3. Retro sci-fi thriller The Invincible now has a proper trailer
    4. Steam is banning games with NFTs and cryptocurrency
    5. Lo-fi adventure Chasing Static is now out with some classic horror puzzling
    6. Ultimate Audio Bang #16: all things FPS merch
    7. TFI Friday: three indie puzzle games with slightly melancholy vibe
    8. Mon Amour is the most crazed, loved up take on Flappy Bird you'll ever see
    9. How to unlock all Cleaners in Back 4 Blood
    10. The best characters in Back 4 Blood
    11. The best Back 4 Blood Karlee build
    12. Song Of Farca is great if you don't take it personally
    13. How to play Far Cry 6 in co-op multiplayer mode
    14. Crysis 2 & 3 Remastered are out now, making the trilogy maximum shiny
    15. Rally Point: how to pay the deposit and enjoy playing strategy games
    16. Call Of Duty: Warzone's shiny new anti-cheat might have leaked already
    17. Let's take a moment to enjoy the post-it notes and graffiti in Back 4 Blood
    18. The best Back 4 Blood Jim build
    19. Gears Tactics and Dirty Bomb devs working on a new sci-fi game
    20. Deathloop's first "major" update fixes stuttering, adds DLSS support
    1. Diablo 2 Resurrected's servers falling over due to "modern player behaviour"
    2. FIFA reportedly wants double the old licence fee from EA
    3. Dungeon Encounters is out now, offering encounters in dungeons
    4. Call Of Duty: Vanguard's Zombie mode shows new supernatural powers
    5. Is this the cheapest 4TB SSD ever? $312 for a Samsung 870 Qvo
    6. Lenovo's Legion 5 Pro RTX 3070 laptop is back in stock and 10% off
    7. Paradox considered cancelling Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2
    8. Baldur's Gate 3 has added a Sorcerer class and new region in latest patch
    9. Sweat, Shar and sorcerers make for a killer new update for Baldur’s Gate 3
    10. ElecHead review: a clever puzzle platformer with real spark
    11. Far Cry 6 secret ending
    12. A Windows 11 update made AMD performance even worse
    13. EWS podcast episode 160: the best cities special
    14. The best Back 4 Blood Doc build
    15. Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone mode strikes me as a bit Hunt: Showdown
    16. The Good Life review: tonally stupid, structurally broken, surprisingly deep and occasionally self-aware
    17. Liquid cooling vs air cooling: which is better?
    18. Far Cry 6 Rides: all four Ride locations and how to unlock them
    19. The best Back 4 Blood Mom build
    20. The best Back 4 Blood Walker build
    21. The best Back 4 Blood Evangelo build
    22. Can you play Split Screen in Back 4 Blood?
    23. This new battle royale is an FMV game
    24. Halo 2 and Halo 3 have official modding tools now
    25. Live-action System Shock show planned for a new streaming site
    26. Roblox Squid Game: the best Squid Game experiences in Roblox
    27. Riders Republic is most fun when it turns into a platformer
    1. Former State Of Decay founder launches new studio Possibility Space
    2. Our 'best premium gaming headset' pick, Logitech's G Pro X, is £63 today
    3. Activision introduce Call Of Duty's upcoming Ricochet Anti-Cheat system
    4. Genshin Impact version 2.2 is here with a new island and your free 5-star Aloy
    5. Hyper Light Drifter developer's next game Solar Ash delayed to December
    6. Battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint is adding a 1v1 mode tomorrow
    7. Skyrim's Anniversary Edition might break many mods badly, modder warns
    8. Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles review: simple, unfiltered fun
    9. Here’s the AMD Radeon RX 6600, and where to buy it
    10. Finding zen in rally sim WRC 10
    11. How to destroy Anti-Aircraft Cannons in Far Cry 6
    12. Far Cry 6: should you pick male or female Dani?
    13. Can you save your progress in Far Cry 6?
    14. Far Cry 6 ammo types and damage types explained
    15. How to fish in Far Cry 6
    16. How to get Depleted Uranium in Far Cry 6
    17. How to get Gunpowder in Far Cry 6
    18. Far Cry 6 map: which territory should you go to first?
    19. Far Cry 6 Amigos list: how to unlock all seven Far Cry 6 pets
    20. Far Cry 6 Supremos: how to unlock all 7 Supremo backpacks and their special abilities
    21. Far Cry 6 tips and tricks: a beginner's guide
    22. Best weapons in Far Cry 6
    23. How to unlock all the Far Cry 6 Leaders
    24. Now a union has objected to Activision Blizzard's settlement too
    25. Oh my god, Fallout 3 has removed Games For Windows Live
    26. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has re-motivated me to reach the finish line
    27. Riot are removing cross-team text chat in League Of Legends
    1. Call Of Duty: Vanguard's writers want to make two sequels
    2. Team Fortress 2 Halloween cosmetic gets restricted, prices skyrocket
    3. Long-standing Spelunky speedrun record revealed as fraudulent
    4. Paradox staff allege "culture of silence" in new reports of toxic workplace
    5. Get a 27-in Fast IPS 1440p 144Hz monitor for £238 - that's £62 off its normal price
    6. Back 4 Blood is peak 00s action cheese and I am here for it
    7. Get a 12TB WD Elements external hard drive for $199.99 ($50 off)
    8. Monster Hunter Rise looks glorious in its new PC demo
    9. Back 4 Blood PC performance: the best settings to change
    10. Hearthstone adds roguelikey RPG mode Mercenaries today
    11. Destiny 2 celebrates Halloween with dinosaur costumes today
    12. Pokémon-like RPG Monster Crown has left early access
    13. Guardians Of The Galaxy launch trailer launches far ahead of launch
    14. Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event adds spooky hide-and-seek today
    15. US agencies clash over two Activision Blizzard legal cases
    16. Disco Elysium has a big discount now, and hits Xbox and Switch today
    1. Get Crucial's 2TB MX500 SSD for £150 after a 30% discount
    2. Blue's excellent Snowball USB mic is half price - just £40
    3. No cross-saves for Monster Hunter Rise, but Capcom say they looked into it
    4. HitFlesh takes you back to a classic MMO's haunted fan server
    5. Minecraft introduces one new mob candidate: the grouchy little Glare
    6. This Doom II beat 'em up mod lets you punch and fling demons around
    7. Ubisoft holding Riders Republic trial day tomorrow
    8. Supporter podcast - The Nate Files episode 4: A General History of the Pyrates
    9. CitizenCon showed off some pretty new Star Citizen clouds, but not much else
    10. Thank you and farewell to RPS vid bud Colm Ahern
    11. New World rawhide farming: the best places to gather rawhide from boars
    12. Windows 11 Auto HDR is neat, but not worth the upgrade alone
    13. This Deus Ex mod turns JC into a lady with fully redone voice lines
    14. Battlefield 2042's floating corpses bug made me laugh a lot
    15. New World tool upgrades: how to get higher-tier tools in New World
    16. ScummVM celebrates 20th birthday with The Longest Journey support
    17. The Joy of playing Deathloop as the pettiest man in existence
    1. You won't be able to move New World characters between regions after all
    2. Football Manager 2022 introduces data hub, new match engine
    3. The Quake remaster's bot support is better now
    4. Hitman pulled from sale on GOG
    5. Age Of Darkness: Final Stand is a strategy game that can draw 70,000 units on screen at a time
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Eronoctosis is a free co-op horror adventure launching on Monday
    2. Build your dream machine for free with PC Building Simulator this week
    3. Ryu Ga Gotoku have a new studio lead and plans for Yakuza: LAD sequel
    4. If you need more Phoenix Wright in your life, play Tangle Tower
    5. Diablo 4's new game director is its design lead Joe Shely
    6. Grand Theft Auto trilogy remasters are officially announced, coming this year
    7. Impostor Factory (To The Moon 3) review: where an imaginary life is as fulfilling as a real one
    8. You can play the Battlefield 2042 open beta right now
    9. Don't let Plunder slip over the horizon
    10. Okay, the Xbox 20th anniversary translucent controller looks pretty cool
    11. Audio Radar is an LED sound indicator for the hard of hearing
    12. New World review in progress: a fresh, swashbuckling MMO that's still very grindy early on
    13. Apex Legends begins zombie-filled Halloween event next week
    14. So which Steam Next Fest demos did you like?
    15. New World Tadpoles: where to catch Tadpoles and why they're so useful
    16. Easy Anti-Cheat issues locked New World players out this week
    17. The final Mystery Steam Reviews is all about 2021
    18. I'm a sucker for a good menu noise
    19. Destiny 2 will remove Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore next
    20. New World Voidmetal: how to find, mine, and craft with Voidmetal in New World
    1. Rust now has NPCs who can give you missions
    2. Dota 2's The International is now underway
    3. Watch the first trailer for the Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City movie
    4. EA say FIFA might not be called FIFA in future
    5. Razer streaming gear is heavily discounted at Amazon UK
    6. AMD's new Ryzen 5700G APU (that's CPU plus integrated graphics) is going cheap in the UK
    7. Book Of Travels' online cRPG world may be the cure for my break-up with MMOs
    8. Eidos Montreal are switching to a four-day workweek
    9. Windows 11 is making AMD chips slower in games
    10. EWS podcast episode 158: Deal Sweeten With A Vengeance
    11. Randy Pitchford no longer Gearbox Software president, but still in charge
    12. Grounded's next update adds an ant-filled dungeon and a literal sandbox
    13. Far Cry 6: PC performance and the best settings to use
    14. Far Cry 6: Oku's Triada Relic walkthrough
    15. Far Cry 6 is out now, with some launch crashes on PC
    16. Yup, The Witcher 3 looks to run just fine on a Steam Deck
    17. How to fast travel in New World
    18. How to buy a house in New World
    19. Twitch say logins and credit card numbers weren't exposed in hack
    1. Old School RuneScape has added a new Group Ironman challenge mode
    2. Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 6 will add another class and weaponized salami
    3. Valve say don't crack open your Steam Deck but also show you how to do it
    4. The Long Dark Episode 4 is out now with its prison break survival story
    5. Get a super-fast 2TB Samsung NVMe SSD for £164 - that's £62 off
    6. Take home a well-equipped RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC for £1200
    7. Arcade Paradise makes everything a game, including your boring chores
    8. How to reset your Twitch password and enable 2FA
    9. Twitch source code and data reportedly leaked in hack
    10. Spooky card game Inscryption is stacking up to be a surprise GOTY contender
    11. The Sims 4 DLC adds lush outfits inspired by Indian and Korean fashion
    12. This hybrid RTS citybuilder has big ideas, big hordes, and an even bigger sky laser
    13. Forget Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle, it's little Halo that excites me
    14. Exhausted Man demo's physics fun satisfied me, an exhausted person
    15. Bug-splatting in the Starship Troopers RTS demo is harder than you'd think
    16. Far Cry 6 review: familiar, messy fun, if a bit overwhelming
    17. New World AFK timer: how long can you remain inactive before getting kicked?
    18. New World's first patch does more to stop AFK players hogging servers
    19. The original Ghost Recon is free for keepsies right now
    20. New World Corrupted Invasions: how to take part in Invasions in New World
    21. The storms in Battlefield 2042 are actually game changing, trust me
    1. Platform fighter Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl launches on PC
    2. Wasteland 3's final DLC is out now
    3. TABS and Back 4 Blood are headed to Game Pass this month
    4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Frontline is a new free-to-play battle royale
    5. Two of Acer's best monitors are heavily discounted in the US
    6. Step up to a 1440p 240Hz display with Alienware's AW2721D, £150 off today
    7. I have a lot of respect for the Storyteller dev for finishing something after a decade
    8. The Weekspot podcast #056: The Spotty Awards 2021
    9. More major multiplayer games moving to Steam Deck
    10. Far Cry 2's villain is Far Cry 1's hero, creative director confirms
    11. Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is more of the good stuff you liked in the first game
    12. Haiku The Robot is one to watch for hungry Hollow Knight fans
    13. Creating comic strips to solve puzzles in Storyteller's demo is a joy
    14. Windows 11 is rolling out, but don’t update your Shadow cloud PC
    15. New World starting zones: which is the best starting zone?
    16. You can preload Battlefield 2042's open beta client now
    17. Asus and Noctua have teamed up on a quieter, browner GeForce RTX 3070
    18. Come and hear about the creation of Sable and Inkle's Overboard at EGX 2021
    1. Elden Ring interview dishes tiny details on map fragments and difficulty
    2. The Accessible Games Database helps find games with the features you need
    3. Save $230 on a titanic 4TB PCIe 4.0 SSD - until midnight tonight
    4. Get a wicked-fast PCIe 4.0 SSD for £126, a historic low price
    5. Haunted PS1's indie horror game showcase EEK3 returns on Friday
    6. New World player counts keep climbing, nearly a million concurrents on Sunday
    7. The Epic Games Store is launching its achievements system next week
    8. I used Planet Zoo’s new North America Animal Pack to make a grim facsimile of HBO's Deadwood
    9. Alan Wake Remastered: how it compares to the original
    10. This RPG in the Steam Next Fest looks like Morrowind in hell
    11. Lemnis Gate review: a time-twisting shooter full of more frustration than creativity
    12. Sign up to the RPS supporter program and get a free ticket to EGX 2021
    13. Alan Wake Remastered review: a handsome lick of paint on a decade-old classic
    14. Jett: The Far Shore review: wonderful fiction undermined by woeful friction
    15. The best Genshin Impact Diluc build
    16. Koei Tecmo announce Atelier Sophie 2
    17. Valve's Dota 2 tournament scraps live audience due to the pandemic
    18. Please welcome our new hardware editor, James Archer
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Madness: Project Nexus revives a Newgrounds classic
    2. Choo-Choo Charles is survival horror with a hungry spider-legged train
    3. New World will disable character creation on full servers
    4. Paradox have cancelled several unannounced games
    5. Konami will revive Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, rumours say
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Capcom want PC to be their main platform and make up 50% of sales
    2. Ridiculously bloody Gungrave G.O.R.E. has called in Ikumi Nakamura
    3. Bloober Team are teasing a return to the Layers Of Fear series
    4. Steam's Digital Tabletop Fest is focusing on RPGs this month
    5. The 13 best Steam Next Fest demos you should play this October
    6. The Game Awards will be back in person this year on December 9th
    7. Bonfire Peaks' puzzle man would be a great (and terrible) presence in a house move
    8. Our video game music recommendations for Bandcamp Friday
    9. This free Unreal Engine 5 tech demo has me salivating over the future of next-gen food
    10. UItimate Audio Bang #15: 1v1 me on shooter trivia
    11. What is the New World max level?
    12. The Forza Horizon 5 PC specs are pretty steep, huh
    13. Svoboda 1945: Liberation is all the better for its absence of drama
    14. How to play with friends in New World
    15. How to make and upgrade a Camp in New World
    16. Running an eldritch plant shop in Strange Horticulture is everything I want in life
    17. Does New World have mounts?
    18. How to get unstuck in New World
    19. This week's Mystery Steam Reviews is a sidequel
    20. Square Enix announce Dungeon Encounters, led by FF6 director
    21. Dream Cycle is a strange blend of Skyrim and Dishonored with big potential
    22. Can you change your name in New World?
    23. Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is coming March 18th
    24. Destiny 2 will add full-auto as an accessibility option
    25. How to get a house in Genshin Impact: Serenitea Pot system explained
    26. The 10 best songs in PC games
    27. How to save your progress in New World