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Two of Acer's best monitors are heavily discounted in the US

Choose between the Nitro XV272U (1440p 144Hz, $248) and the Predator XB273K (4K 144Hz, $483).

Two of Acer's best monitors are heavily discounted in the US today, courtesy of discounts at Amazon and Ebay. The Nitro XV272U hits the current price/performance sweetspot with a 1440p 144Hz spec and $248 price, thanks to a $52 discount at Amazon US. Meanwhile, you can pick up a manufacturer-refurbished Acer Predator XB273K for just $484, a great price for a 4K 144Hz monitor that originally retailed for over $1000.

Check out the links below to get the deals, or read on for our detailed explanation!

So, let's cover the XV272U first. This is a 27-in IPS monitor, so you can expect good colour reproduction and wide viewing angles, at the expense of pixel response times (which are merely good) and contrast (which is good for an IPS monitor, but worse than a modern VA or OLED alternative). The 1440p 144Hz specification offers an upgrade in two dimensions over a standard 1080p 60Hz screen, granting both more detail and a clearer picture in motion. The screen is G-Sync Compatible, so you get a smooth judder-free and tear-free picture without the heavy input lag penalty of traditional v-sync. Overall, it's a pretty great package, and especially at less than $250 after Amazon's $52 discount.

a photo of an acer predator xb273k 27-in monitor, with an angular appearance that appeals to gamers apparently

Next up is the Acer Predator XB273K. This was once the very best gaming monitor in the world, combining both a 4K resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. I actually upgraded to a very similar Nitro XV273K monitor a few years back, and the benefit of having the highest common resolution and a high refresh rate display is that pretty much everything looks great. You have a high-DPI display that makes text and 4K video look great, and even AAA games can run at 4K with a mid-range or better GPU these days. Meanwhile, you also have the ability to hit a higher 144Hz refresh rate in esports titles like Valorant, Apex Legends or Counter-Strike, which is absolutely critical for anyone that wants to feel unconstrained by their monitor.

It's a great spec combination, and although it costs a lot you're honestly paying very little here. Note that you get an extra 12% off after adding the monitor to the cart, so don't panic if you see the $549.99 price - we promise you'll see the $483 price we promised in the next step!

This is a refurbished unit, it should be noted, but it's coming from Acer themselves and is promised to be 'usually cosmetically indistinguishable from new products' and 'functionally equivalent to new'. That sounds good enough to me, given the price! By comparison, the cheapest 4K 144Hz monitor I can see new is the Nitro XV273K I mentioned earlier, which still costs a mighty $627 new.

That's all for now. I hope you found these deals useful, and take it easy!

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