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Halo Infinite campaign trailer shows big levels with bases to capture

And big explosions

After focusing a lot of attention on Halo Infinite's multiplayer, Microsoft have turned back to showing off the story campaign. Today's new campaign trailer, sadly, did not give us another hot WWE promo from a space-ape but it did kinda have Far Cry-ish vibes. Watch on for Master Chef zooming around big levels in vehicles, causing big explosions, upgrading his abilities, and bantering with his new Tamagotchi girlfriend.

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I am extremely here for the point three minutes in, where Master Chef rescues some grateful soldiers with his jeep then proceeds to drive right off a cliff. Look, you could consider them rescued for at least two seconds, and isn't that better than never rescued at all?

For a six-minute "overview", that did seem weirdly vague. You can guess at a lot of what they're showing, building on earlier hints and glimpses, but specifics are a little thin. So I'll stop short of saying "It's like Far Cry!" and simply say oh hey, the map noted there are collectibles to collect and showed various objective markers, including Forward Operating Bases to capture. The map description explains:

"When controlled, Forward Operating Bases reveal Banished and USNC activity in the surrounding region, serve as fast travel hubs and rally points for USNC Marine fire support, and provide access to vehicle drops, weapons, and weapon variants. Gaining Valor unlocks available resources at all captured FOBs. Defeat the Banished and access the control terminal to claim this FOB."

Which does sound a bit like [sandbox shooter of your choose].

Halo Infinite is due to launch on the 8th of December. The multiplayer will be free-to-play but the campaign will cost £50/€60/$60 on Steam and the Microsoft Store. Or, like other new Microsoft games, it'll be on Xbox Game Pass.

A recent video blabbed loads about PC features and options, including the ability to host a cross-platform dedicated LAN party server from PC. Nice.

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