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A player recreated Skyrim in Halo Infinite's Forge, and it's really good

"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the Needler"

Third person view of the Skyrim hero walking through Riverwood with a photoshopped Master Chief on the right hand side.
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Halo Infinite Forge mode users were already creating some wild maps on launch day, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see some The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim locales appear in-game too. If you’re unfamiliar, Forge is a long-time Halo mode that allows players to create their own custom maps and modes. In the past, players used Forge to remake classic maps or remix existing ones. But Infinite’s take on Forge is more robust, allowing forgers to create maps that don’t look like they belong in Halo. No, seriously, what is Whiterun doing in Infinite?

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Spotted by Twitter user Rebs Gaming, Skyrim’s iconic city of Whiterun has been (almost) fully recreated by forger Bullet2thehead9. I haven’t touched Skyrim in years, so this recreation didn’t look too outlandish in my eyes. That’s exactly how Skyrim looks in my memory (minus the assault rifle, and the spartan UI, and the floating sticky grenades.) The forger even attempted to create custom stone statues to decorate the city, a much-appreciated little touch.

The same forger also created Skyrim’s opening town Riverwood with scary accuracy. Some of the interiors aren’t too convincing, especially when you spot UNSC barrels, but the rest of the package is spot on. Surprisingly, Riverwood seems like it would be a fun PvP map, as well as a Skyrim throwback. There’s plenty of cover with the homely buildings, and the actual river would probably act as a no man’s land-type partition. Infinite only needs another few dozen Skyrim maps before Bethesda can port their RPG to yet another platform.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I find something cool in Halo Infinite’s Forge. On my way to find Riverwood, I clicked through tons of stuff that caught my eye, including convincing models for Mcdonald’s and Waffle House (AKA the deadliest battleground.) 343 have said they’re working on Forge matchmaking, so we’ll be able to compete against others in Infinite’s most popular forged maps.

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has been a consistent bright spot for the free-to-play FPS since it debuted last November. Aside from that, Infinite has struggled to keep several promises to fans by cancelling couch co-op and delaying season three to March 7th. The same problems I reported last year still exist, but hopefully, this year's shorter seasons and the heavily rumoured battle royale mode can reinvigorate the game.

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