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New World Corrupted Invasions: how to take part in Invasions in New World

How to defend against Corrupted Invasions in New World's PvE mode

How do you take part in New World Invasions? Invasions, also known as Corrupted Invasions, are PvE battles in New World primarily aimed at high-level players looking for late-game content. In this guide, we go through the requirements to take part in Invasions, as well as some tips on how to prevail in them.

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New World Invasions: how to take part

Because Invasions are intended for experienced players, you need to be at least Level 50 before you can participate in them.

Invasions happen roughly once every four days in real-time. Once you've reached the appropriate level, you can sign up to participate in the next Invasion up to 24 hours in advance by interacting with the Town Board in your settlement.

Up to 50 players can take part in an Invasion event. The player who is the Governor of the Territory being targeted by the Invasion can choose up to 10 players to send to the battlegrounds. The remaining ranks are made up of players randomly selected from everyone who signed up to join in.

What happens in a New World Invasion?

Invasions are PvE battles, which see players face off against NPC Corrupted enemies, one of the major supernatural threats you face in Aeternum. If your character is selected to participate, you'll be teleported to the beseiged Fort when the Invasion is due to start.

Every participating player receives 50 Battle Tokens up-front to purchase battle supplies from the Armory. These range from regular potions and ammunition to more situation-specific siege weapons and defensive structures. The quality of these defenses is determined by the Town Projects completed for the settlement, meaning that there's nothing you can do to improve them once you're on the ground ready to begin the Invasion.

There is a limited preparation period before the battle begins, but you can also still earn and spend Battle Tokens when the battle is underway. During battle, you can earn additional Battle Tokens by killing Corrupted enemies, healing allies, and repairing damaged siege weapons and defensive structures.

Once the Invasion begins, an on-screen tracker will let you know your current objective. Invasions are time-limited and wave-based, so you'll also see information about how long is left and which wave of enemies you're currently on. Each Invasion is made up of eight waves, and players are tasked with preventing them from breaching the Fort's Gates and destroying the Fort Claim before the timer runs out.

New World Invasion victories & rewards

Win or lose, New World knows that taking part in an Invasion deserves some recognition. You'll receive loot including XP, Azoth, precious resources, and more.

Oh, and as one final perk, at the end of the Invasion event your character will be teleported back to wherever they were before they were swept off to the battlefield. No arduous treks across Aeternum for these heroes!

That's all you need to know to get started on PvE Invasions in New World, but before you get there, take a look at our other guides to give yourself a more general idea of how to equip your character with weapons and armor, as well as how to put together a character build that works for your playstyle.

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