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New World’s May update introduces combat arenas for 3v3 PvP

Try saying that ten times fast while battling other teams

Amazon Games’ fantasy MMORPG New World has received its latest update, ‘Arenas’, which means you can now smack other players upside the head in teams of three. The update brings PvP arena combat in best-of-five contests that Amazon say are for “glory and riches”, but then quickly qualifies that they're actually for unique stuff to decorate your in-game house with. The trailer makes the whole thing seem pretty wacky, see for yourself below.

There's some spectacular dancing in the trailer for New World's new Arenas update.Watch on YouTube

Each round is two minutes long and you’ll need to win three to claim your household chintz. Don’t leave it too long to start laying the smackdown, though, because after a while a ring of fire will pop up to push combatants into the centre of the arena. Lovely.

If you’re level 20 or above then you’re good to go, but if you want to chat about arenas to understand a bit more about them then apparently there’s a fight promoter called Maximum Marcellus who’d gladly talk your ear off. He’s kicking about in Everfall.

The update also brings with it some fresh PvP perks that boost your stats. That’s along with a new PvP rewards track that lands you gear, weapons and emotes.There’s a new type of XP and a PvP-specific currency called Azoth Salt to watch out for, too, which lets you nab items that aren’t available anywhere else in the game when you reach thresholds in the PvP XP system set at 2000/5000/10000.

Alice Bee called the game “fresh” in her New World review last year. "I've found that I now, instead of being a brave and dashing adventurer, basically just have a job, and it feels more than usually grindy,” she said. "The thing is, though, that I don't exactly hate it. I've chosen to be a carpenter and spend a lot of my days in the forest, strip cutting the whole place with a song in my heart and the sun at my back."

New World is on Steam for £35/$40/€40. You can read the full details of the Arenas update here.

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