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New World will get its storyline conclusion in its next update

Plus bug fixes and a new weapon to master

Amazon have detailed an update coming to fantasy MMORPG New World. The Heart Of Madness will bring Isabella's story to a close, as well as introducing the Blunderbuss, and providing some assorted bug fixes and balance changes.

The expansion will pick up where the current main story questline leaves off. Players will follow Isabella into an alternate version of the capital city of Myrkgard. "Discover the secrets of her past while you dive deeper into her corrupted mind," says the announcement post.

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The expedition will be called The Tempest's Heart, and it's intended for five endgame (level 60+ and Gearscore 550) players to tackle together.

The update will also bring a new weapon, the Blunderbuss, which is apparently best for close-to-midrange combat. Like so.

It'll have two mastery trees, so you can decide whether you prefer to close the gap or keep your distance for greater AoE damage. Plus, it has its own Legendary Weapon Quest associated with it, too.

Finally, the update will bring some unspecified balance changes and bug fixes, as well as new encounters in the world to contend with.

In her New World review in progress, Alice Bee called the MM0 "good piratey fun," if a bit grindy. Maybe a new late game quest will help out with that? Earlier patches have tackled exploits like gold duping.

The Heart Of Madness update will be coming to the public test realm first, and the main game later, although Amazon haven't yet given any details on when either of those will be happening.

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