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New World Twitch Drops: can you still claim the Golden Rage armor?

How to claim New World Twitch Drops, and what loot is currently available

How do you claim Twitch Drops in New World, and can you still claim the Golden Rage armor? Twitch is an Amazon-owned platform and New World is a game developed by Amazon, so it's absolutely unsurprising that there's some crossover in the form of New World Twitch Drops.

Even though the game has only just been released, some Twitch Drops have already been and gone — but don't worry, others have come in to take their place. In this New World Twitch Drops guide we'll let you know what Drops are currently available, which have been and gone, and how to earn and claim them.

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New World Twitch Drops: What's available?

Currently there is one Twitch Drop available for New World: the Vinespun Weapon Skin Set. This set includes 14 skins for various weapons.

To earn the full set and all the items within it, you need to watch at least 10 hours of New World broadcasts by any of the 66 streamers participating in the Battle for New World event, which runs until October 11th at 5pm PT/8pm ET (which for us Brits, is actually 1am BST on October 12th).

Note, however, that the Vinespun Weapon Skin Set is actually available as seven separate Drops containing two skins each, which are earned at the following intervals which watching participating Twitch streams:

  • Drop 1: 1 total hour (2x shield skins)
  • Drop 2: 2 total hours (spear and axe skins)
  • Drop 3: 3 total hours (bow and rapier skins)
  • Drop 4: 4.5 total hours (sword and shield skins)
  • Drop 5: 6 total hours (musket and ice gauntlet skins)
  • Drop 6: 8 total hours (life staff and fire staff skins)
  • Drop 7: 10 total hours (axe and hammer skins)

Expired New World Twitch Drops

The following Twitch Drops are not currently available to claim unless you already earned them:

  • Woodsman Skin: Only available on July 20th, 2021 as part of the New World Devcast. However, these weapon and armor skins are also available in the Deluxe Edition of the released game.
  • Golden Rage armor skin: Part of the New World Beta Twitch event. Unavailable since August 2nd, 2021.
  • Verdant Trapper armor skin: Part of the New World event at Gamescom. Only available on August 25th, 2021.

Since we're so early on in New World's (presumably long) life, we don't know yet whether these will become available again in other events down the line. For now though, you can't claim the Golden Rage or Verdant Trapper armor skins if you didn't earn them during the period when their respective Twitch Drops were active.

(Also, if you did miss out, don't worry — while they do look undoubtedly cool, skins are purely cosmetic and don't convey any stat boosts or other gameplay benefits to players wearing them.)

Why can't I see my earned Twitch Drops in-game?

If you did earn either the Golden Rage or Verdant Trapper skins but can't see them in-game, first ensure that your New World account is linked to your Twitch account, following our instructions below.

Also remember that these are skins rather than armor pieces, so you need to apply them to your character's already-equipped armor, as explained in our New World armor guide.

How to earn and claim New World Twitch Drops

The official New World website has a page dedicated to Twitch Drops. Here you can see details of any Twitch Drops that are currently active (as well as the most recently expired one at time of writing), along with instructions on how to earn them.

You earn New World Twitch Drops in the same way as any other Drops on the site: by watching participating streamers play the game for the required amount of time.

If your New World and Twitch accounts are linked, any Drops you earned from Twitch should automatically show up in the appropriate place in New World as soon as they become available in-game (i.e., skins should be available to apply to equipped weapons or armor).

To link your New World and Twitch accounts so that you can claim your Twitch Drops, simply go to the Twitch Drops page on the New World site and follow the instructiosn there.

Linking the two accounts is a simple matter of logging in on this page with both your New World and Twitch usernames and passwords when prompted to, and agreeing to activate Twitch Drops in New World.

That's all the info we have for now on New World Twitch Drops. If you're new to the game (which seems likely, because right now everyone is), be sure to check out our New World beginners' tips & tricks guide to make sure you're armed with all the knowledge you need to get started. You might also like our guide to levelling as quickly and efficiently as possible, and our page on the best New World character builds.

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