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Rebecca Jones

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Former Guides Writer

After two happy years at Rock Paper Shotgun, Rebecca is now back to geeking out about Nintendo and PlayStation games over on VG247. But rumour has it that if you chant "Indiescovery podcast" three times in front of your PC monitor, she'll reappear in the RPS comments section.

An incredibly busy gold-tinted anime-esque banner for the Roblox experience World Of Stands. It shows two characters making dramatic and serious faces against a flame-lit background.

World Of Stands codes

Power up your Stand abilities with the goodies these codes bring
Artwork for the Roblox game A One Piece Game, which is inspired by the hit anime series One Piece.

A One Piece Game codes

Every code you can use to get free currencies, items, and more
Three space-suited Roblox characters in yellow, red, and blue, standing against an outer-space background.

Impostor codes

A list of Impostor codes for fun free cosmetic items
A bustling restaurant scene in Roblox, with the Restaurant Tycoon 2 logo overlaid on it.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes

Whether you're running a high-end eatery or a cheap and cheerful diner, improve your business with these codes!
Arsenal artwork.

Arsenal codes

Redeem the latest Arsenal codes for free goodies
Shindo Life artwork

Shindo Life codes

All the latest Shinobi Life 2 codes to redeem for free spins
A pair of Roblox characters relax on deckchairs on a beach at night, in front of a bonfire. Overhead the sky is lit up with fireworks and by a neon-lit ferris wheel in the background. Beside them is a golden luxury car, and in the distance a cityscape suggests that they are in an affluent area.

Driving Empire codes

Pimp your ride in Roblox's luxury car racing simulator using these promo codes
Three surgical-masked Roblox characters ride bikes through an urban street in the banner for Roblox experience Da Hood.

Da Hood codes

Whether cop or robber, you'll benefit from the freebies these codes get you
The Roblox banner for the Bee Swarm Simulator experience, showing a swarm of bees and a group of bears. The tagline reads: "Hatch Bees! Collect Pollen! Make Honey!"

Bee Swarm Simulator codes

Expand your hive and explore the mountain with the help of some honey-sweet freebies
Promotional Roblox Blox Fruits art of two characters fighting while surrounded by magma.

Blox Fruits codes

Redeem these Blox Fruits codes for free EXP boosts and Beli
One of the Roblox banners for the Funky Friday experience, depicting a rap battle between a fantasy knight, an invisible person, and an anthropomorphic cartoon bomb.

Funky Friday Codes

Get freebies including special microphones, emotes, animations — and even points bonuses!
Promotional art for Roblox game King Legacy, or King Piece, showing a character running towards the screen holding a glowing purple weapon in their teeth.

King Legacy codes list

Codes you can redeem in King Legacy for free Beli, Gems, and more!
The Slayers Unleashed banner from Roblox, featuring anime-inspired characters from the game.

Slayers Unleashed codes

Unleash your inner demon-slayer with these powerful freebie codes