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World Of Stands codes [February 2024]: Redeem these codes for free Shiny Arrows and more

Power up your Stand abilities with the goodies these codes bring

An incredibly busy gold-tinted anime-esque banner for the Roblox experience World Of Stands. It shows two characters making dramatic and serious faces against a flame-lit background.
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Looking for the latest World Of Stand codes to power up your abilities? Its title might be non-indicative to those not in the know, but rest assured that World Of Stands belongs to a venerable Roblox tradition of patterning user-created experiences after popular anime. In this case, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure gets the Roblox treatment, in the form of an open-world adventure game with plenty of opportunities for PvP battling to prove your prowess.

The name of the game here is to roll Stands (or units) using arrows. The codes on this list mainly grant you better arrows that have an improved chance of rolling a high-tier Stand. You might also get a Roka fruit, which lets you abandon your current Stand in the hopes of rolling for a better one. So read on for the latest World Of Stands codes, as well as instructions on how to redeem them.

Latest World Of Stands codes

Last checked: 12th February, 2024

  • GANGGANG: Rewards (lvl 25 required)
  • ANOOBIS: Rewards (lvl 25 required)
  • 218K: Rewards (lvl 15 required)
  • 1YEAR: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • HOLIDAY: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • CRAZY: Rewards (lvl 20 required)
  • CONTROLLER: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • 210K: Rewards (lvl 15 required)
  • SPOOKY: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • TRADESOON: Rewards (lvl 15 required)
  • 205K: Rewards (lvl 20 required)
  • GEXP: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • 195K: Rewards (lvl 20 required)
  • 100M: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • 190K: Rewards (lvl 15 required)
  • IMSPECIAL: Rewards (lvl 15 required)
  • WOSSUMMER: Rewards
  • WOSLOVESYOU: Stand Arrows, Loca, Super Shiny Arrow (lvl 15 required)
  • TWIT20K: Rewards (lvl 10 required)
  • HAVEPITY: Rewards (lvl 20 required)
  • EASTER2023: Rewards (lvl 15 required)
  • PASSIONE: x3 Legendary Arrow, x3 Loca
  • SHINYENJOYER: x4 Shiny Arrow, x4 Stand Arrow, x8 Loca
  • NIIICE: 7,500 Gold, 2x Loca (lvl 20 required)
  • 100KDISC: Legendary Arrow
  • REDEMPTION: 2x Arrows, 2x Shiny Arrows, 4x Loca Fruit
  • SHINYPLS: Shiny Arrow
  • WOSRELEASE1: Shiny Arrow

How to redeem codes in World Of Stands

In order to redeem a code in World Of Stands, launch the game on Roblox and access the main menu via the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (the one showing three horizontal white lines).

From the main menu, navigate to the Stats/Settings sub-menu, via the grey tab at the bottom of the options list. Enter your code in the text box under "Codes" and click "Redeem" to claim your freebies!

Note that in order to redeem World Of Stands codes, you need to have reached the appropriate level to redeem each code. That can be Level 10, Level 15, or Level 20 depending on the requirements of the code you're trying to use, so if you're struggling to redeem something, you might need to level up first.

A popular anime like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was never going to have just one Roblox experience to its name. For another game you might enjoy with its own thriving codes scene, be sure to check out our list of Your Bizarre Adventure codes for Roblox.

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