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Doors codes

Redeem these codes for currency and revives!

Looking for all the latest Doors codes to help you survive a night in a haunted Roblox hotel? It's no secret that I love a good horror game, and Roblox has a surprising number of quality ones. Doors challenges players in teams of four to survive a night in a hotel being stalked by all sorts of scary monsters, but to be honest, it's the atmosphere that gives me the creeps. Hotels really do have so many doors, don't they? Who dares to imagine what could be hiding behind the next one?

The main currency of Doors is knobs, believe it or not, and most of these codes allow you to claim some for free! In case of emergency, you can also use some codes to revive your character. So be sure to read on for a complete list of Doors codes you can use right now.

Last checked on: 16th March, 2024

Working Doors codes

  • SCREECHSUCKS: 25 Knobs
  • THEHUNT: 1 Revive

How to redeem codes in Doors

Location of where to redeem codes in the Roblox game Doors
Image credit: LSPLASH, Roblox

In order to redeem any of these codes, all you have to do is launch the Doors and enter the in-game shop via the button on the left side of the main screen. There's a nice big "Enter Code Here" text box right at the top, so do just that and then click the nearby "Confirm" button to claim your freebies!

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