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Roblox Squid Game: the best Squid Game experiences in Roblox

Red Light, Green Light

What are the best Squid Game experiences on Roblox? Odds are you're at least somewhat aware of Squid Game, the Netflix original thriller that came out of nowhere and has been taking the world by storm since its first season released on September 17th. If you've somehow missed it, suffice to say that it's a fictional TV show about a group of desperate people participating in a series of six deadly children's games — so, naturally, the video game imitations have already started to roll in, largely courtesy of Roblox.

Less than a month after the show's release, there are already dozens if not hundreds of Squid Game inspired experiences on Roblox. Most of these are — as regular visitors to the platform will no doubt have guessed — in a less-than-polished state. Also, nearly all of them are just called "Squid Game" or some minor variation on it, which makes searching for a particular one an absolute nightmare. So here, we've provided links to what we think are the really good Squid Game experiences on Roblox. Scores and visitor numbers given are of course liable to shift around, but give a pretty good indication of what people have been enjoying the most.

Rest assured that other than game names, this page does not contain spoilers for the TV series.

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The best Squid Game experiences in Roblox:

Two groups of Roblox characters stand in rows, dressed respectively as players and guards from the TV series Squid Game.

Squid Game by Trendsetter Games

86% positive rating from 126.7M+ total visits

Going by the current player numbers, this is the premier Squid Game experience on Roblox right now. Compared to most games on this list there's a heavy focus on collecting and improving your weapons and you can even buy loot crates with in-game cash, which might explain its surge in popularity. As with many games on this list, this one is still very much in development, and you can visit @kingerman88 on Twitter for dev updates and celebratory milestone codes.

Here's the link!

Three Roblox characters in Squid Game guard costumes. Text in image reads "Fish Game".

Fish Game by GOODJUJU

91% positive rating from 146M+ total visits

While the entry by Trendsetter Games is more active in terms of current player numbers, Fish Game is the highest-rated and most-played Squid Game experience we've found. This is a simple affair without any fancy codes or paid power-ups, focussed instead on the core of what Squid Game is all about: getting horribly murdered in a playground. In addition to two challenges based on the TV series, Fish Game includes a semi-original level called Blood Rising that's being heralded as a surprisingly tough obby by Roblox veterans.

Here's the link!

Three Roblox characters in Squid Game guard costumes stand against a garish multi-coloured background. Text in image reads "Red Light Green Light".

Red Light Green Light EPISODE 5 by slugfo

86% positive rating from 142.4M+ total visits

This one has already proven popular enough that it's spawned dozens of imitators of its own, so be sure to follow the link below to get to the real deal. With five of the show's six games already live, this is one of the more complete Squid Game experiences on Roblox. The grand finale is reportedly on its way soon. Plus, with server sizes of up to 175 players, this is one of the few entries on this list that gets you close to the all-out carnage of the TV show's 456 original players.

Here's the link!

Three Roblox characters in Squid Game guard costumes. Text in image reads "Squid Game X".

Squid Game X by Redify

87% positive rating from 47.6M+ total visits

This one's a bit of an up-and-comer in the fast-paced world of Roblox. Frequent quality-of-life updates make this one of the smoother Squid Game experiences out there, but the truly unique selling point of Squid Game X is the upcoming ability to play as either a player or a guard — the latter being a rather neglected role from the TV show in the world of Roblox Squid Games. Four games are live and the dev has added some thank-you codes into the mix as well.

Here's the link!

A deliberately blurred background of the Squid Game play area from the TV series. Text in image reads "Hexa Game".

Hexa Game by @princeelf

83% positive rating from 94.4M+ total visits

Hexa Game is that incredibly rare beast, a Squid Game experience on Roblox that's already complete! The dev is now busy with quality-of-life improvements, most recently to the Honeycomb game — which, incidentally, is a fully-functional point-and-click mini-game in Hexa Game. With 185 players per server, this is also the most authentically massive Squid Game competition you can take part in from this list. You can also pick up some codes by visiting @princeelfdev on Twitter.

Here's the link!

The Red Light Green Light game from Squid Game set up in Roblox. The focus of the picture is on a giant doll and two guards.

Squid Challenge [Red Light Green Light] by Time Only

73% positive rating from 28.8M+ total visits

Despite its claim to have been live on the platform since 2015, I suspect that Squid Challenge is actually one of the newer Squid Game experiences on this list. Only the first game is live right now, as the title suggests; but there's a lively community developing around this one already, perhaps urged on by the in-game cash prizes, which include a sign-up prize of 1,000 Cash for Roblox Premium Members.

Here's the link!

Six Roblox characters dressed as Squid Game guards flank a character dressed as the gamemaster. In the foreground is a coffin wrapped up like a gift box.

Squid Game by Pingy

75% positive rating from 6.1M+ total visits

This is one of the smaller Squid Game experiences on Roblox in terms of player community, but it has lots going for it. For one thing, the Red Light Green Light doll uses a Puppet Combo-esque face skin that's truly the most chilling one I've seen in all the many, many Roblox games I looked at to make this list. It's also pretty close to complete, with five games already live, and the intriguing promise (threat?) of a shoulder pet accessory code at the next community milestone.

Here's the link!

A Roblox recreation of the disorienting, pastel-coloured contestant hallway from Squid Game, including a character in guard uniform.

Squid Game HONEYCOMB by Rocul Studios

76% positive rating from 13.1M+ total visits

Contrary to what the name might suggest, the Honeycomb challenge is only part of what's on offer here. This game also boasts a version of Red Light Green Light which, let's face it, is where every Roblox Squid Game starts — but this is the only one I've seen where you can purchase a power-up that lets you play as the doll. It also features RPG and alliance-building elements, bringing a bit more depth to the experience than those which just focus on the games themselves.

Here's the link!

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