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The best Roblox games

The best Roblox games you can play right now.

Roblox is not so much a video game as a platform: one where young creators are encouraged to use in-built tools to develop their own gaming experiences, and then share them with other Roblox users. With literally millions of mostly user-created games to choose from, finding good experiences can be a daunting task, so we've put together a list of the best Roblox games you can jump straight in to right now. Spanning genres and

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The best Roblox games:

Welcome to Bloxburg

A pair of Roblox characters in beachwear pose by a poolside, looking happy. The caption reads "Relax"!

The name Welcome to Bloxburg sets an appropriate tone: this is a really good starting point if you're brand-new to Roblox. This town-and-city themed sandbox social sim has been around since 2014 and has absolutely nailed the no-goal-orientation formula. Explore Bloxburg with your Roblox avatar, build and decorate your dream home, find your character a job, or just chill out and enjoy the scenery. And with server sizes capped at 12 players, this is a good experience for dipping a toe into the social side of Roblox without getting overwhelmed.

Welcome to Bloxburg is the only game on this list that requires pre-purchase, and in fact we didn't even include it on last year's list because we were focussing exclusively on free-to-play Roblox experiences. However, this doughty experience by @Coeptus is an enduring favourite, not to mention a Roblox classic by this point; and it seemed a shame to leave it unmentioned for the sake of a one-time cost of only 25 Robux (about 28p, although the current minimum currency bundle purchase is £4.49 for 400 Robux).

Adopt Me!

A Roblox character and his pets are pulled into a vortex along with their home, in this banner image for the Countdown: Blackhole! event in Adopt Me!

You'd be hard-pressed to argue that Adopt Me! by DreamCraft isn't a contender for the single biggest game on Roblox. Though it's aimed at a slightly younger audience than most games on the platform, it's understandable if older players want to see what all the fuss is about — not to mention that, due to the heavy emphasis on microtransactions, parents may want to vet this title (pun intended) before their kids play.

Adopt Me! is a roleplaying game ostensibly about parents and their adopted children, but the real focus of the game these days is on collectible pets. At this point the roster of pets has expanded far beyond the cute mainstream of dogs and cats, and you can now adopt almost any animal your heart desires — up to and including sea creatures as part of the game's partnership with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity.

Other big-name crossovers have included a Scooby-Doo event, and if that's not proof that this game has serious credentials, I don't know what is.

Work at a Pizza Place

A line of customers collecting takeout from a Roblox pizza parlour. The kitchen and counter staff are in the background.
Image credit: @Dued1

It's been around since 2008 and is nearly as old as Roblox itself — no mean feat on a platform that's changed almost beyond recognition in its 16-year lifespan. Work at a Pizza Place by @Dued1 is the definition of an old favourite, never straying far from Roblox's most-played list.

This is a classic social sim with one key difference: instead of choosing your character's job, you and other players in the server roleplay as a group of colleagues who work at the titular pizza place. You'll need to work together to keep the place running smoothly and make your customers happy. Do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay and at the end of it your character can go home and upgrade their house with nicer furniture and other personalised improvements. And, naturally, you can also get an adorable pet to follow you around.

Murder Mystery 2

Three Roblox figures, two armed with a gun and a knife. A stylised sword in the background intertwines with text reading "Murder Mystery 2".
Image credit: @Nikilis

No discussion of the best games on Roblox would be complete without mention of Murder Mystery 2 by @Nikilis. It's been around since 2014 and is one of the older games on the platform that's still actively supported. Its recent resurgence in popularity is probably at least in part down to the social deduction trend brought on by the recent Among Us renaissance.

Fans of social deduction games will be familiar with the basic concept. Each round players are secretly assigned a role: either Murderer, Sheriff, or Innocent. The Murderer aims to eliminate Innocents and evade the Sheriff; the Sheriff aims to take down the Murderer; and up to ten Innocents try to evade the Murderer and aid the Sheriff.

There are a lot of games of this type doing the rounds these days, but Murder Mystery 2 has been at it for a long time, and this pedigree shows. It's a genuinely engaging experience that can give Among Us a run for its money in terms of tense social stand-offs and unexpected moments of hilarity.

Flee the Facility

Two monsters threatens several Roblox figures as they try to unlock a door in a spooky lab. Text reads "Flee the Facility - Roblox".
Image credit: A.W. Apps

For a platform aimed primarily at pre-teens, Roblox has a surprisingly good line in genuinely creepy horror games, such as Flee the Facility by A.W. Apps. The overall vibe of Flee the Facility will be familiar to anyone who's sunk way too many hours into the SCP Wiki and its accompanying fan games. But there's also a certain Evil Dead-slash-Friday the Thirteenth vibe to some of the newer maps, which include a spooky summer camp theme, alongside an ambitious airport-themed update.

Gameplay-wise it's a case of evading various monsters as you unlock exits, with the eventual aim of (you guessed it) fleeing the creepy research facility! It's a bit of a greatest-hits trip through all the biggest horror game tropes of the past few years, and has obviously been designed with a lot of love for the genre.

Sonic Speed Simulator

Tails and Sonic race through a cosmic highway of lights in the official Sonic experience on Roblox.

Let's face it: Roblox is a little bit infamous for hosting fan games that are, well... blatant knock-offs of popular video game, anime, and TV/film properties. That's not to say that those games aren't often very good, though. If you need convincing, just look at Sonic Speed Simulator by Gamefam x Sonic: an official Sonic the Hedgehog experience developed in collaboration with the creators of one of Roblox's most popular unofficial Sonic games.

This experience basically does what it says on the tin, in terms of bringing an official Sonic the Hedgehog game to the Roblox platform. There are a few Roblox-ified twists, though, such as the continuous upgrading of your character's abilities via XP gained from collecting Chaos Orbs. That and you'll initially be playing as your Roblox avatar rather than the blue erinaceinae himself; although one of the perks of playing Sonic Speed Simulator is unlocking familiar skins to let you cosplay your favourite characters.

Royale High

Four sparkling princesses stand in front of a courtyard fountain.
Image credit: @callmehbob

There are quite a few games on Roblox that have either spawned their own tie-in toy line or feel like they ought to have. Disappointingly, Royale High doesn't have its own doll series (yet), but the aesthetic and gameplay is on-point for fans of Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, or Lego Friends.

If you struggle to choose between playing as a minor royal or playing as a cute creature of the night, Royale High by @callmehbob encourages you to try your hand at being both. It's part boarding school RPG, part supernatural adventure game, and it encourages you to balance your character's responsibilities of completing school work, maintaining friendships, and developing their magical powers.

With a regular calendar of updates, including seasonal events and frequent new mini games, Royale High goes far beyond its initial dress-up premise and is surprisingly easy to sink a lot of time into.


A banner advertising a major 2022 update to Jailbreak on Roblox, featuring new NPCs and airdrops.

If you can picture a family-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto Online, you're surprisingly close to an accurate idea of what Jailbreak is all about. Players can align themselves either with Team Cop or Team Robber, but this goes far beyond a playground classic. Robbers can go on heists, cops can perform raids, and either way there are swanky apartments to fill up with the proceeds of your ill-gotten loot.

Jailbreak has been around since 2017, and quickly gained such popularity that it became one of the first Roblox experiences to get its own toy and merch line. The creative team Badimo used the proceeds from those tie-ins to put themselves through college while keeping the core experience free-to-play, which is maybe one of the most heartwarming Roblox stories I've ever heard.


A pair of anthropomorphic pigs armed with baseball bats stand threateningly in an ordinary house. Text in image reads "Piggy".

Piggy simply should not be as good as it is. There's just so much going on here: an episodic narrative survival experience drawing inspiration from Peppa Pig? It's too busy. And yet, this experience by @MiniToon has been consistently popular since its initial release in January 2020, thanks in part to a strong storyline that keeps players coming back for more. We went so far as to name it one of our favourite Roblox horror games, and that's up against some surprisingly stiff competition.

Brookhaven RP

The 2022 banner for Brookhaven RP on Roblox shows an outdoor media centre beyond a pair of folding patio doors.

Brookhaven RP by @Wolfpaq is fairly young for a Roblox mainstay, but it's quickly starting to give even Adopt Me! a run for its money as the platform's favourite game.

Like many popular Roblox games, Brookhaven RP is classed under the "Town & City" genre: a Sims-like game that combines customisable building systems with slice-of-life RPG gameplay. Unlike many others of its type, Brookhaven RP encourages players to jettison the platform's cutesy stylings and focus on building a luxurious life for their avatars. In other words, it's a bit more grown-up than other RPGs on the platform; although watch out for some of the site's pricier microtransactions if you decide to check this one out.

Hide and Seek Extreme

A winged Roblox character traverses a giant living room by jumping on a toy aeroplane on a table.
Image credit: @Tim7775

Sometimes the simplest concepts really are the most fun, and Hide and Seek Extreme by @Tim7775 brings the popular playground pastime to Roblox with very few changes. One player per round is randomly assigned the role of "It", and their job is to find the other players, all of whom are tasked with hiding.

That's not to say that there are no improvements: the "It" player can equip special abilities to help them uncover their friends' hiding places more easily. This alone makes it demonstrably superior to real-life games of hide and seek, since it's my experience that real-world skill boosts are a lot harder to come by.

The charming game maps are all based around giant-sized versions of everyday domestic locations like kitchens, living rooms, and tool sheds. The whole game just looks really nice and is great, simple fun to play with a few friends.


A hotel room numbered 013 stands ominously open in the banner image for the Roblox game Doors.

I'm a bit of a sucker for a haunted hotel, so Doors by LSPLASH really scratches an itch. Doors has been around for over a year but has really kicked up in popularity recently, and has the thriving codes scene to match. With 100 levels already in place, there's plenty of semi-procedural survival horror here to sink your teeth into, and the monsters are genuinely creepy. Like the one that manifests specifically if the game decides you've spent too long hiding in a safe location. That one feels especially personal, Doors!

Don't be put off by the cliffhanger ending when you reach Room 100: Doors is still receiving significant regular updates, and this is more of a teaser for the next major version change. Rumour has it that there'll be a new location in Chapter 2, so get your bets in now as to what kind of building full of doors we'll be investigating next time.

So there you have it — the best Roblox games you (mostly) don't even need money to buy! For more on getting the most out of this unique platform, check out our guide to redeeming Roblox codes.

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