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The best Roblox games

The best Roblox games you can play right now.

With literally millions of user-created games to choose from, finding good Experiences can be a daunting task so we've put together this list of the best Roblox games for you to jump straight in to.

The best Roblox games:

There are going to be some caveats to this list: mainly, that I'm only going to be looking at those games that you can play for free. Those that require the currency "Robux" to download are a great way to give back to the developers, but we're going to focus on those that require less of a commitment from you — though luckily, most really good games on the platform are free to play anyway. Most of these games do have optional microtransactions however, so bear that in mind.

I won't say that these recommended games are masterpieces. The gems that are worth playing in any selection of games aren't always perfect, and these are just neat ideas that will entertain despite their rough edges. So in no particular order, here are our recommendations.

Adopt Me!

A pet monkey sitting in a car show room in Adopt Me!

You'd be hard-pressed to argue that Adopt Me! by DreamCraft isn't a contender for the single biggest game on Roblox right now. Though it's aimed at a slightly younger audience than most games on the platform, it's understandable if older players want to see what all the fuss is about — not to mention that, due to the heavy emphasis on microtransactions, parents may want to vet this title (pun intended) before their kids play.

Adopt Me! is a roleplaying game ostensibly about parents and their adopted children, but the real focus of the game these days is on collectible pets. At this point the roster of pets has expanded far beyond the cute mainstream of dogs and cats, and you can now adopt almost any animal your heart desires — up to and including sea creatures as part of the game's partnership with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity.

Other big-name crossovers have included a Scooby-Doo event, and if that's not proof that this game has serious credentials, I don't know what is.

Aqualina Water Park

A water park in Roblox

For my fellow committed water babies who are facing the prospect of a second summer in a row when they can't enjoy a good swim, Aqualina Water Park might well be the healthy dose of escapism you didn't know you needed.

Meet up with friends in this affectionate re-creation of the water parks of yore. Aqualina Water Park is both a social hub where you can just hang out with other players, and the home of an ever-increasing series of water park themed mini-games, the latest of which was added in an update at the beginning of July 2021.

This good-looking game by @TheRevali is so lovingly detailed that you'll briefly forget how long it's been since you've visited the real thing.

Brookhaven RP

The exterior of a Greek House surrounded by luxury vehicles in Roblox - Brookhaven RP.

At just over one year post-launch Brookhaven RP by @Wolfpaq is fairly young for a Roblox mainstay, but it's quickly starting to give even Adopt Me! a run for its money as the platform's favourite game.

Like many popular Roblox games, Brookhaven RP is classed under the "Town & City" genre: a Sims-like game that combines customisable building systems with slice-of-life RPG gameplay. Unlike many others of its type, Brookhaven RP encourages players to jettison the platform's cutesy stylings and focus on building a luxurious life for their avatars.

A recent update added themed houses for groups of players to roleplay in together, such as college-style Greek Houses. This young adult-oriented fantasy fulfilment is a perfect example of Brookhaven RP's unique selling point as a slightly more mature take on Roblox RPGs.

Easy Obby!

A brightly coloured rainbow staircase swirls up into the sky.

Obstacle courses, or obbies, are a Roblox cornerstone and quite possibly the most populous (unofficial) genre on the platform. With so many obbies competing for players, Roblox creators often outdo themselves in putting together the most fiendish courses they can think of.

Easy Obby! by @zknx is the complete opposite. It focuses on bright colourful fun over making you tear your hair out — and as such makes an excellent introduction to the obby genre if you're a new player, or just a more relaxing experience if you're looking for something to chill out with.

It's only been around since November 2020, but Easy Obby! already has 50 stages and is still receiving regular content updates inspired by community feedback. It's a great place to get involved with a smaller (but rapidly growing) Roblox community.

Murder Mystery 2

Three Roblox figures, two armed with a gun and a knife. A stylised sword in the background intertwines with text reading "Murder Mystery 2".

No discussion of the best games on Roblox right now would be complete without mention of Murder Mystery 2 by @Nikilis. It's been around since 2014 and is one of the older games on the platform that's still actively supported. Its recent resurgence in popularity is probably at least in part down to the social deduction trend brought on by last year's Among Us renaissance.

Fans of social deduction games will be familiar with the basic concept. Each round players are secretly assigned a role: either Murderer, Sheriff, or Innocent. The Murderer aims to eliminate Innocents and evade the Sheriff; the Sheriff aims to take down the Murderer; and up to ten Innocents try to evade the Murderer and aid the Sheriff.

There are a lot of games of this type doing the rounds these days, but Murder Mystery 2 has been at it for a long time, and this pedigree shows. It's a genuinely engaging experience that can give Among Us a run for its money in terms of tense social stand-offs and unexpected moments of hilarity.

Flee the Facility

Two monsters threatens several Roblox figures as they try to unlock a door in a spooky lab. Text reads "Flee the Facility - Roblox".

For a platform aimed primarily at pre-teens, Roblox has a surprisingly good line in genuinely creepy horror games. It was hard to pick just one — my runners-up for inclusion on this list included titles inspired by The Purge and, curiously, Peppa Pig — but in the end I had to show some love for Flee the Facility by A.W. Apps.

The overall vibe of Flee the Facility will be familiar to anyone who's sunk way too many hours into the SCP Wiki and its accompanying fan games. But there's also a certain Evil Dead-slash-Friday the Thirteenth vibe to the latest update, which celebrates the game's fourth anniversary by adding a spooky summer camp map.

Gameplay-wise it's a case of evading various monsters as you unlock exits, with the eventual aim of (you guessed it) fleeing the creepy research facility! It's a bit of a greatest-hits trip through all the biggest horror game tropes of the past few years, and has obviously been designed with a lot of love for the genre.

Royale High

Four sparkling princesses stand in front of a courtyard fountain.

There are quite a few games on Roblox that have either spawned their own tie-in toy line or feel like they ought to have. Disappointingly, Royale High doesn't have its own doll series (yet), but the aesthetic and gameplay is on-point for fans of Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, or Lego Friends.

If you struggle to choose between playing as a minor royal or playing as a cute creature of the night, Royale High by @callmehbob encourages you to try your hand at being both. It's part boarding school RPG, part supernatural adventure game, and it encourages you to balance your character's responsibilities of completing school work, maintaining friendships, and developing their magical powers.

With a regular calendar of updates, including seasonal events and frequent new mini games, Royale High goes far beyond its initial dress-up premise and is surprisingly easy to sink a lot of time into.

Epic Minigames

A panel of small images showcasing a variety of simple minigames.

Not every Roblox experience needs to be tied to a central theme. If you're looking for something casual to play but don't want to spend hours trawling through different titles, Epic Minigames by @TypicalType might be what you're after.

As the title suggests, this game is made up of a wide variety of small games (111 at the time of writing) which share a levelling and currency system but are otherwise unconnected. You earn coins as you play that you can exchange for in-game cosmetics rewards, but the main emphasis is on short fun experiences rather than long-term roleplaying.

Work at a Pizza Place

A line of customers collecting takeout from a Roblox pizza parlour. The kitchen and counter staff are in the background.

It's been around since 2008 and is nearly as old as Roblox itself — no mean feat on a platform that's changed almost beyond recognition in its fifteen-year lifespan. Work at a Pizza Place by @Dued1 is the definition of an old favourite, never straying far from Roblox's most-played list.

This is another Sims-like RPG with a key difference: instead of choosing your character's job, you and other players in the server take on the roles of a group of colleagues who work at the titular pizza place. You'll need to work together to keep the place running smoothly and make your customers happy. Do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay and at the end of it your character can go home and upgrade their house with nicer furniture and other personalised improvements.

Hide and Seek Extreme

A winged Roblox character traverses a giant living room by jumping on a toy aeroplane on a table.

Sometimes the simplest concepts really are the most fun, and Hide and Seek Extreme by @Tim7775 brings the popular playground pastime to Roblox with very few changes. One player per round is randomly assigned the role of "It", and their job is to find the other players, all of whom are tasked with hiding.

That's not to say that there are no improvements: the "It" player can equip special abilities to help them uncover their friends' hiding places more easily. This alone makes it demonstrably superior to real-life games of hide and seek, since it's my experience that real-world skill boosts are a lot harder to come by.

The charming game maps are all based around giant-sized versions of everyday domestic locations like kitchens, living rooms, and tool sheds. The whole game just looks really nice and is great, simple fun to play with a few friends.

So there you have it — the best Roblox games you don't even need money to buy! For more on getting the most out of this unique platform, check out our guide to redeeming Roblox codes.

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