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New World winter event: how to earn Winter Tokens and get exclusive items from the Winter Convergence Festival

How to earn Winter Tokens, claim free gifts, and participate in event-exclusive quests in the Winter Convergence Festival

When will New World's winter event be taking place? Whatever you celebrate at this time of year — or even if you don't celebrate at all — if you're a New World player you're no doubt eager to see what the people of Aeternum get up to around the winter solstice. Surely an island so in tune with both nature and magic must mark the occasion somehow? As it turns out, they do, with their own Winter Convergence Festival.

Amazon Game Studios are marking their MMO's first holiday season with a new update introducing a series of time-limited, festive events into the game. For information on the event's start and end dates, freebies giveaway, and how to earn exclusive store items, read on below.

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When does the New World Winter Convergence Festival take place?

The Winter Convergence Festival event will be live in New World between December 16th, 2021 and January 11th, 2022. That gives you just under a month to sample everything the celebration has to offer.

In addition to new content that will be running for the event's duration, a series of smaller time-limited item giveaways will take place from December 17th-27th.

When is the Winter Convergence Giveaway and what items can you claim?

In appropriate Christmas-lite fashion, the Winter Convergence Festival will be accompanied by a series of freebies gifted to dedicated players who simply log on every couple of days during the festive period.

There will be five waves of free items in total over an 11-day period, and you just have to log on once during each window of time to claim all the goodies in that "wave" from the in-game store.

Below is a full list of Winter Convergence Giveaway items in New World and their dates of availability:

  • December 17-18: 2x Convergence Poinsettia (housing items) & Hunter's Festive Coat (armor skin)
  • December 19-20: Hunter's Festive Furs (trousers armor skin) & Hunter's Festive Trappers (boots armor skin)
  • December 21-22: Convergence Mistletoe (housing item) & Hunter's Festive Gloves (armor skin)
  • December 23-24: Shiver (emote)
  • December 25-27: Hunter's Festive Hood (helmet armor skin) & Wreath (housing item)
A New World character hands a wrapped gift box to their companion in front of an icicle-festooned building front.

How to get Winter Tokens during the Winter Convergence Festival

The Winter Convergence Festival adds a number of Christmas-like activities with an MMO twist to New World, most of which will be time-limited. These event-only quests and interactions net you Winter Tokens, an event-exclusive currency that you can exchange for a catalogue of appropriately festive skins, emotes, consumables, and decorative items in the Convergence Shop.

Stock up on Winter Tokens by participating in the following activities:

  • Go to any of the four temporary Holiday Villages set up in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Brightwood, and Weaver's Fen and speak to the Winter Wanderer (you'll recognise him: he's the yeti). Accept whichever side-quest he selects from his randomised, repeatable pool of them and you'll be rewarded with Winter Tokens upon completion.
  • Trees of Light have sprung up in a central plaza of every settlement. Interact with any of these trees up to three times per day by looting the nearby Exquisite Gift Piles to receive a gift which you can exchange for Winter Tokens. Trees of Light at higher upgrade levels yield better-wrapped gifts that are worth more Winter Tokens. Furthermore, players who've reached Level 60 will also get Diamond Gypsum item upgrade materials with every gift.
  • To help with the above and earn more Winter Tokens while you're at it, decorate and upgrade your settlement's Tree of Light by completing The Convergence Spirit and other festive Town Projects found on the Project Board.
  • The temporary Winter Holiday Villages each have their own Tree of Light set up, this time with a Bountiful Gift Sack nearby. These work the same as Exquisite Gift Piles, except you can only loot each one once per day. However, you can repeat this at every Holiday Village location each day, so with a little leg work, you can actually gain four lots of Winter Tokens daily from this activity.
  • Keep an eye on the night sky for meteors and track them to where they fell to harvest Gleamite, a rainbow-coloured crystal you can exchange for Winter Tokens at the temporary villages' Holiday Huts (at a rate of 10 Gleamite to 1 token). Remember to bring your best pickaxe along for the job!
  • Recover Lost Presents which randomly spawn across the map and return them to the Holiday Huts for Winter Tokens (at a rate of 3 Lost Presents to 1 token). Some Lost Presents can simply be picked up off the ground; others are flying through the sky and you'll need a ranged weapon to shoot them down.
  • Participate in the Winter Convergence questline, a series of seven new story quests that delve into the lore and conflicts surrounding the event. You'll need to be at least Level 15 to start and at max level to complete the whole quest chain, but the very first quest will take you through the basics of gathering Winter Tokens from the sources above, and you'll earn regular quest XP while you're at it.
A Santa-like New World character warms his hands by a roaring fire, flanked by Poinsettias, wreaths, and mistletoe.

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