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New World Turkey locations: how to find Turkeys and get Feathers

Discover some Turkey locations and get Feathers in New World

Want to find Turkey locations in New World? Turkeys roam the world of Aeternum, gobbling as they trot around various areas. Though they are rather cute to watch, Turkeys are the main way to get feathers, poultry, and eggs in New World, making them quite important.

This guide will walk you through everything that you need to find and skin Turkeys in New World, so that you can save time searching for them and get on with completing quests for your faction.

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How to find Turkey locations in New World

If you want to find a Turkey, you won’t need to look far. They can be found in every biome in New World. That’s right, every single biome! Whether you are traipsing along a beach, strolling through a forest, or meandering around the grasslands, you could come across a Turkey.

If you’re just jumping into New World, you can find some Turkeys as you journey towards the first settlement in your starting region. Whether you spawn in First Light, Monarch's Bluff, Everfall, or Windsward, you should find Turkeys near the main settlement. Just look out for hostile enemies like wolves - they are pretty powerful, especially if you’re still a low level.

Whilst hunting Turkeys, keep an eye out for Turkey Nests. Turkey Nests contain eggs and feathers, so you can get even more resources.

If you’d rather look at a pretty map of Turkey locations, this interactive New World map has you covered. Take a look at the image below to find some Turkeys and Turkey Nests easily in First Light, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, and Cutlass Keys:

New World turkey and turkey nest locations around the starting settlements

If you aren't near one of the locations in the image, you can use some Azoth to fast travel across the map, which is your only choice to travel quickly, considering you can't get mounts in New World.

How to skin Turkeys and get Feathers in New World

When you kill an animal in New World, you won’t be able to just grab the loot and run away. Instead, you need to use a Skinning Knife.

You should get a Skinning Knife early on in New World, as it is part of the tutorial quests. However, if you skipped the tutorial quests, or your knife has broken, you’ll need to know how to craft a new one. You can craft a Flint Skinning Knife at a Workshop using 1 flint and 1 green wood. This is a very basic tool, but it’s good enough to skin a Turkey.

When you skin a Turkey, you will get poultry, eggs, and feathers. Poultry and eggs are used in a variety of cooking recipes, whilst feathers can be used to craft arrows at a Workbench. If your favourite ranged weapon is the bow, you’ll need feathers to get more ammo throughout your journey in New World, all the way to the level cap.

That’s everything you need to know about Turkeys in New World. If you are struggling with other resources, check out how to find Hemp and Fibre so that you can make a fishing pole. If you’re still new to New World and want some help, take a look at our list of beginners tips and tricks. If you’ve spent lots of time levelling up, check out the best builds in New World to find out how you should use your attribute and mastery points.

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