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How to fast travel in New World

Everything you need to know about fast travel in New World

Want to learn how to fast travel in New World? Amazon's ambitious foray into the realms of MMO has given players a colossal new world to explore, as the highly-anticipated game sees its full release. But with such a colossal world, and with no mounts to speak of, it'd take rather a long time to get from point to point without a fast travel option.

Fortunately, New World has two different fast travel options, and we'll explain them both in detail below, along with the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of fast travel across Aeturnum.

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How to fast travel in New World

You can fast travel in New World, but it isn't free. Here's what you'll need in order to fast travel to a city or settlement:

  • You'll need to be standing in a settlement area in order to fast travel elsewhere.
  • You'll need to have visited the destination settlement at least once before.
  • You'll need enough Azoth to pay for the journey (unless you're fast travelling to a house you own).

Azoth is one of the main currencies of New World, and it's used for many things, but one of its primary uses is paying for fast travel across the world of Aeternum. The Azoth cost of a fast travel trip depends on the distance between the two points, and your encumbrance level, which is based on the weight of all the items on your person.

You can gain discounts on fast travel based on your faction and company, but you can't gain any flat reduction in price through levelling up or increasing your attributes.

To fast travel, simply open up the map, zoom out until you can see the overall settlement icon, then click it and select the fast travel option on the right-hand side. It's a really great tool for getting around no matter whether you're out searching for Hemp plants or trying to complete quests as quickly as possible to reach the max level possible. For more useful tips such as these, check out our primer on how to level up fast in New World.

A screenshot of the New World map with the Recall To Inn option highlighted.

How to Recall to Inn

You can also fast travel for free if you check in at one of the many Inns in New World. Once you're checked into an Inn, you'll be able to fast travel straight back to it by clicking the Inn's icon on the map.

The benefit to this Inn-based fast travel is that you can activate it from anywhere, rather than having to be in one of the major settlements. Another big plus is that it's completely free. The downside is that once you've recalled, you cannot recall again for an hour.

And that's all there is to fast travel in New World. It's by far the most expeditious way to get around Aeturnum, which is good because there's an awful lot to discover, whether you're out adventuring, camping, and hunting monsters; or simply seeking out the best fishing hotspots. Elsewhere, you can read up on how to play New World with friends - or, if you're just starting out, be sure to check out our list of New World tips and tricks, our suggestions for the best character builds, and our tier list of the best weapons in New World.

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