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New World Camp: how to make and upgrade a Camp in New World

Learn how to make Camp in New World, and how to upgrade it to Tier 2 and beyond

Want to learn how to make Camp in New World? Or perhaps you know how to set up a Camp, but you're now unsure how to upgrade your Camp to access better crafting options and other benefits. Continue reading, and you'll find the answers to both these questions below.

In this quick primer we'll go over how camping works in New World, the benefits of setting up Camp, and the quests you need to complete in Amazon's sprawling MMO in order to upgrade your Camp tier level.

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How to make a Camp in New World

You may have seen that there's an option to Camp whenever you're out exploring, but it doesn't actually do anything. This is because you have to unlock the ability to make Camp by completing an early quest. So if you're a new player or you've been ignoring the starting quests, here's what you need to do:

  1. Complete the starting quests until you're told to visit the nearest settlement/city.
  2. Continue to complete the quests at this settlement until you meet the Survivalist.
  3. Talk to the Survivalist to unlock the ability to set up a Tier 1 Camp.

The Survivalist will give you a quest to try out your newfound Camp-making skills out in the wilderness. In order to make Camp, find a suitable spot and then press "Y" (by default) on your keyboard. You'll get a ghost blueprint of your Camp which you must place down in a viable spot. It'll need to be placed on fairly flat ground, so if it won't allow you to place the Camp then move to a slightly different area and try again.

Once you've placed your Camp, you'll have to build it by interacting with it. Building the Camp requires 5 Green Wood and 1 Flint - both very easy to find in abundance early on, so this should be no trouble.

A player building a Camp in New World.

Once you've set up Camp, it'll act as a crafting point where you can craft all sorts of basic tools and items - including a Fishing Pole, as long as you've found some Hemp plants along your journey. You can also rest at a Camp to heal up, and the Camp acts as a respawn point when you die, making it an essential skill and tool for surviving in New World - particularly since there are no mounts in New World, so you'll need to be travelling on foot much of the time.

If you're just now playing New World for the first time, be sure to check out our more general New World tips and tricks page for extra help!

How to upgrade your Camp

To upgrade your Camp, you'll need to complete specific quests, just like the Survivalist quest which unlocked the ability to Camp in the first place. Higher tier Camps will allow you to craft higher tier food, weapon coatings, potions, and tinctures - but it's worth noting you won't be able to craft higher-level tools or weapons, whatever your Camp's tier level.

Unlocking access to these quests is as simple as levelling up. Once you're at the appropriate level, you'll be prompted to start a new Survivalist quest. Here are the levels required for each Camp tier:

  • Tier 1 Camp: Level 5
  • Tier 2 Camp: Level 15
  • Tier 3 Camp: Level 25
  • Tier 4 Camp: Level 40
  • Tier 5 Camp: Level 55

So don't expect to be able to set up a Tier 5 Camp any time soon, because you're need to be approaching New World's max level before you can achieve that particular accolade. Apparently setting up a really good Camp is one of the toughest tasks in the world of Aeturnum.

If you want to learn more about the various benefits unlocked at particular levels, check out our New World leveling page.

Hopefully that's ended your confusion surrounding how to make and upgrade Camps in New World. It's one of the greatest tools an adventurer can have in this game, particularly if you're interested in playing with friends and taking on a tough dungeon together. If you want to learn about another useful travelling tool, be sure to check out our primer on how to fast travel in New World. If you're a newer player you might like our selection of the best New World character builds, which incidentally pairs very nicely with our New World weapons tier list.

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