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New World max level: what is the level cap in New World?

What is the maximum level you can reach in New World?

What is the max level in New World? It would be very strange if there weren't a level cap, after all. Almost every MMO out there has a maximum level that a character can reach, otherwise the potential for endless growth would split the playerbase across an insurmountable skill gap - and that's something Amazon definitely wants to avoid.

Keep reading to learn what the max level is in New World, and what this level cap means for its players.

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What is the max level in New World?

Currently the New World level cap is 60, meaning that is the maximum level you can reach no matter how much XP you accrue throughout your travels. That's a whole lot of points to put into your five core attributes!

At Level 60, New World's end-game content will kick in, involving high-level dungeons, invasions, and plenty of opportunities to have fun in both PvE and PvP situations.

In the future, it's very likely that New World's max level will increase as more content is added to the game. But as things currently stand, Level 60 is the cap. If you're intent on getting to the end-game as quickly as possible, you should focus on completing the main and side missions in the game, because they give you XP at by far the highest rate of other in-game activities such as fishing or crafting. You should also make liberal use of New World's fast travel options to get around Aeturnum and minimise downtime - because unfortunately there is no option to ride mounts in Amazon's MMO. For full details on the fastest ways to level up, check out our dedicated New World leveling page.

If you're new to Amazon Game Studios' MMORPG, be sure to get a great start with our New World tips and tricks!

That wraps up this quick primer on the New World level cap. If you're looking to increase your level in a timely fashion, it's a good idea to play with friends so you can tackle the more dangerous quests and dungeons and earn more XP. If you're just starting out playing New World, it's also good to get a firm grasp of basics such as which weapons are best, and knowing how to put together the best character build to suit your playstyle.

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