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New World housing: how to purchase player housing in New World

How to get on the housing ladder in Aeternum, what benefits it conveys, and your responsibilities as a home owner

How do you buy a house in New World? Upon arriving in Aeternum, your New World character quickly learns that they're likely stuck on the island for life thanks to the powerful magical field that surrounds it. On the plus side though, residents of Aeternum tend towards immortality, so it's definitely not all bad news. One thing's for sure though: since they're here literally forever, your plucky Conquistador is going to want to find a place to call home.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about buying and maintaining character housing in New World, as well as explaining the benefits of home ownership.

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How to buy a house in New World

There are a few prerequisites for getting your character on the property ladder in Aeternum. Most significantly, players need to reach at least Level 10 Standing in the Territory they wish to own property in — and even then, only the most basic housing will be available, with higher levels required to unlock more luxurious dwellings.

Beyond reputational requirements, New World also has a more traditional need for you to have the money to pay for your character's home. Property prices vary, of course, but in fact this is very much the secondary consideration for owning a home, since you'll likely get the cash you need for a particular house long before you reach the Standing that allows you to buy it.

Furthermore, your first house in New World comes with a 50% discount on both the intial purchase and the taxes you pay on it (if only the real world was this generous to first-time buyers).

New World housing taxes explained

Buying a house in any Territory aligns you with the controlling Faction if you weren't already declared for it, so while you can own multiple properties across Aeternum, they all need to be in Territories with matching allegiances.

This is more than just a neat bit of story integration, however, as in New World you need to pay taxes on every house you own.

You pay property taxes on a real-time weekly basis, with the amount determined by the Territory's Governor — the default is 10% of each house's initial price value, but the Governor can adjust the rates to anywhere between 5% and 20%. However, the following discounts can apply:

  • The 50% discount for first time buyers also reduces the taxes on that property by the same amount.
  • If your Company governs the Settlement, you'll receive a 30% tax discount.
  • Ranking up your Standing within the Settlement can unlock Property Tax Reduction cards.
Three New World characters walk down the street in a safe area of the map.

What are the benefits of buying a house in New World?

Owning a home in New World brings numerous advantages. You can own multiple homes across Aeternum and they all act as your personal Fast Travel points — which is great news given the sparsity of these otherwise, and the fact that you have to pay Azoth to Fast Travel to a shrine but not to your own house.

Since New World places some pretty stringent weight limits on your character's inventory, houses are also great places to stash anything you want to keep but don't need to carry around with you.

Finally, decorating your house with Trophies allows you to apply certain passive buffs to your character. Further décor choices are honestly pretty limited from what we've seen, but increasing the Furnishing skill unlocks more options.

Now you know what you need to do to get your own property in New World, you're going to need a character who's capable of reaching that point — so take a look at our best character builds in New World page for our tips on putting together the best character to suit your playstyle. It's dangerous out there in Aeternum, so check out our best New World weapons tier list to help you decide which are worth bringing with you when you set out to find your new home.

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