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New World: how to get Azoth

Learn everything that you need to know about Azoth in New World

Want to learn about Azoth in New World? Azoth is a very important resource that you will use for some crucial activities in New World, including fast travel and crafting. You'll do those often in an MMO, so Azoth’s pretty darn useful.

This guide will explain everything that you need to know about Azoth, including where you can find Azoth and the quickest way to farm Azoth in New World.

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How to get Azoth in New World

You'll use Azoth a lot throughout your adventure in New World. Fortunately, there are several different ways to get it, and they cater to plenty of different playstyles. Here's every way to get Azoth in New World:

  • Complete main quests
  • Enemies occasionally drop Azoth after you reach level 20
  • Using a tool with the Azoth Extraction perk

Whether you want to get out there and hunt the Corrupted, or just chop away at some trees, you'll still be able to gather a healthy stockpile of Azoth.

How to farm Azoth in New World

The easiest and quickest way to start farming Azoth in New World is simply running through the main storyline. The first quest to reward you with Azoth will be Commitment to the Cause, which you can do a couple of hours into the game. It's a fairly simple quest that tasks you with getting some faction reputation. After that, you will receive Azoth regularly as a quest reward.

After completing the main quest, you should try to get a tool with the Azoth Extraction perk, as this provides a slow, yet constant source of Azoth. You can't just collect Azoth alone, like you would Hemp or Fish, but this is the next best thing.

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How to get the Azoth Extraction perk in New World

Azoth Extraction is a perk that tools can have when they drop from enemies. It gives you a 30% chance to get Azoth every time you use that tool. For example, you would have a 30% chance to get 1 Azoth every time you chop down a tree with an Azoth Extraction Axe.

There is no guaranteed way to get a tool with Azoth Extraction. If you want a specific tool with the perk, you need to find high level enemies and fight them or cross your fingers when crafting. If another way to obtain this perk becomes available, we'll be sure to update this guide with more information and let you know.

How to use Azoth in New World

Azoth has a few important uses in New World, so expect to see and hear a lot about it. In the world of Aeternum, Azoth is a mystical element that allows you to fast travel, respec weapon mastery, and craft better items. Whilst playing, you will discover that Azoth also has the ability to resurrect the dead, which is a fancy little way to explain respawning in the New World universe (although this won't actually cost you anything).

If you want to respec weapon mastery points, you'll have to spend 25 Azoth. However, if you are below level 10 with your weapon, you can respec your points for free. Try to make any weapon mastery changes before you reach level 10 with a specific weapon.

When crafting, there will be a box that asks you to add a certain amount of Azoth. If you add Azoth, it will increase your chance to get an attribute, perk, or gem slot on the item that you craft. This is crucial if you are working towards a certain build, as perks can be greats boons in New World.

That's everything that you need to know about Azoth in New World right now. If you're still new to the game, check out our list of beginners tips and tricks to help get you started. If you're approaching the endgame and want to start thinking about creating the perfect character, take a look at our list of the best weapons in New World.

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