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Far Cry 6 best weapons: the most powerful weapons in Far Cry 6 and where to find them

How to get the very best weapons in Far Cry 6

Want to know which are the best weapons in Far Cry 6? There's an awful lot of guns to play with in Ubisoft's latest bombastic open-world FPS, from SMGs and Sniper Rifles to Launchers and Bows. But you've also got Unique Weapons that can be found throughout Yara, and even unique-er Resolver Weapons that you can acquire from Juan in exchange for Depleted Uranium. The point is: picking the best gun is a daunting prospect in Far Cry 6.

But that's why we've picked 7! Below you'll find our picks for the very best weapons in Far Cry 6. Each of these tools of destruction are overpowered in their own way, and will allow you to tear through enemies without hesitation. Read on and pick the weapons that best suit your style.

These are the best weapons in Far Cry 6:

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with La Varita selected.

La Varita: the best weapon in Far Cry 6

La Varita is by far the best weapon in Far Cry 6. But there's a catch: in order for it to reach its full potential, you also need to be using its companion Supremo, Triador. Triador's special ability is to see through walls, and La Varita's special ability is to shoot through walls. See how that works out pretty well?

You can obtain both La Varita and Triador by completing the Triada Relics trio of treasure hunts - the most challenging of which you can read about in our Far Cry 6 Oku's Triada Relic walkthrough. La Varita on its own is an immensely powerful Resolver Weapon which can one-shot-kill almost any foot soldier with a headshot. Combined with the ability to see and shoot through walls, it's just sickeningly overpowered. As long as you're a decent shot, you can clear an entire camp of enemies just by standing behind a wall and popping them all one after the other. Easily the best gun in Far Cry 6.

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with El Tirano selected.

El Tirano

I usually prefer my Sniper Rifles to be equipped with a Suppressor, but El Tirano is just too powerful not to use. This armour-piercing rifle is pretty much the best sniper in the game thanks to its enormous damage and 10x scope which enable you to one-shot enemies with ease. It's the only armour-piercing Unique Sniper Rifle in Far Cry 6, which makes it an instant winner, because you really want your sniper rifle to be armour-piercing.

To get your hands on El Tirano, head to Escila Fort (a restricted zone located at the northmost point of the territory Valle De Oro), and grapple up to the top of the lighthouse. El Tirano is waiting for you there. Easy!

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with Crackle & Pop selected.

Crackle & Pop

Crackle & Pop is a fearsomely fast-firing LMG that houses blast rounds - which, as you'll know if you read our Far Cry 6 ammo types guide, makes it extremely powerful against vehicles. It's equipped with a nice little 2x scope so you don't have to peer through some gnarly ironsights while peppering folks, and one of its mods gives you increased reload speed, which is a definite boon for a chunky LMG like this.

To obtain Crackle & Pop, you'll need to brave the perilous streets of Esperanza, if only for a short while. Head to El Rayo Cinema (the big square salmon-coloured building northwest of the city centre), climb the ladder on the side of the building immediately east of the cinema, and open the chest on the roof to unlock this powerful Unique Weapon.

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with Supercharger selected.


Supercharger is by far the best shotgun I've tried so far in Far Cry 6. Not only does it come equipped with a suppressor, meaning you can switch to messy close-quarters combat without having to sacrifice stealth; but also it deals bucketloads of damage even after the damage penalty supplied by the suppressor. With its buckshot rounds, you won't be one-shotting enemies at range - but that's not really the point of a shotgun, is it?

To unlock the Supercharger shotgun, head to the GDP Oil Platform off the coast in the very northwest corner of the map. In the southwest corner of the platform there's a control room. Press the red button in the control room to activate the crane, which lifts a container out of the way of a neighbouring container entrance. Search that second container and you'll find Supercharger.

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with La Clavadora selected.

La Clavadora

La Clavadora may not be the best weapon in the game, but it sure is fun to use - and it packs a hell of a punch. It does it a disservice to describe La Clavadora as a crossbow: this beauty launches a massive harpoon towards the enemy in your sightlines, and is almost certain to kill with a single shot. It's very cumbersome to use, so it's not great for firefights against multiple opponents, but if you need someone to be really, really dead, then La Clavadora is there for you.

Happily, La Clavadora is a Resolver Weapon, and all Resolver Weapons (apart from La Varita) are available for purchase from Juan in exchange for Uranium. The moment you reach Libertad Island, you'll be able to buy it from him and start impaling soldados left and right.

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with the Compound Bow selected.

Blast Compound Bow

The Compound Bow may not be one of the two Unique Bows, but I prefer to customise my Bow exactly how I want it. I'd highly recommend you equip your Compound Bow with Blast arrows, making it a fantastic and stylish weapon to use against vehicles and armoured personnel - not to mention Anti-Aircraft Cannons. I'd also equip it with your preferred type of scope, and your choice of three mods (the extra mod slots is what really elevates the Compound Bow beyond its faster, weaker brother, the Recurve Bow).

If you want to try out this explosive bow for yourself, you'll need to build and fully upgrade the Guerrilla Garrison facility at one of the three major Guerrilla camps, and then purchase it from there in exchange for Pesos.

A screenshot of the Workbench screen in Far Cry 6 with the MP7 selected.

Soft-Target MP7

With SMGs it's a similar story to the Bows: I've yet to find a Unique SMG which comes close to matching my own fully customised MP7. I always use Soft-Target Rounds with my SMGs to shred unarmoured enemies in milliseconds, and the MP7's blistering fire rate is just so devastating that you can sprint around wiping out entire camps in moments. Aside from your chosen scope, I'd also highly recommend you opt for the increased magazine size mod for the MP7, which allows you to run-and-gun for even longer.

Just like the Compound Bow, you can purchase the MP7 from a fully upgraded Guerrilla Garrison, and then head to your Workbench to start upgrading it.

There you have it: seven of the most hilariously overpowered weapons in Far Cry 6 and how to get your hands on them. I doubt you'd need any extra help with one of these weapons in your hand, but if you want some company while storming enemy bases, check out our guide on how to unlock all the Far Cry 6 Amigos. Or you can take a look at our Far Cry 6 tips and tricks for more help on becoming the most powerful guerrilla on Yara.

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