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Far Cry 6's Lost Between Worlds DLC takes you to an alien version of Yara

It's out next week

Far Cry continues to take a liberal approach to its expansions with Lost Between Worlds. The DLC for Far Cry 6 takes Dani Rojas, the protagonist from the base game's daft revolutionary narrative, and traps her within a kaleidoscopic and extraterrestrial version of Yara. There you'll need to work with an alien AI to collect crystals and defeat crystal people. It's out on December 6th and you'll find the first trailer below.

Lost Between Worlds begins with Rojas finding a crashed alien ship powered by an alien AI called FAI. FAI's ship is damaged and requires five crystals to be repaired, and those crystals are scattered across a remixed version of Yara. Familiar areas from the base game have been twisted into surreal landscapes, dunked underwater, or otherwise altered in ways that makes traversing them entirely new.

Weapons and enemies have changed, too. You're no longer fighting that bloke from Breaking Bad, but bipedal crystalline enemies, and you'll need to switch between red and blue ammo types to match your bullets to the enemies you're fighting. You'll also apparently need to revisit regions multiple times via connective rifts to grow stronger and gather new equipment on each trip.

Lost Between Worlds was strangely first mentioned as part of Far Cry 6's £100 "Game Of The Year" edition, but this is the first time we've seen what it actually is. There's not long to wait before you can play it, either, as it'll be released on December 6th for £17.99/$19.99 for existing Far Cry 6 players.

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