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Borderlands 3 is free to keep on the Epic Games Store right dang now

It marks the start of the Epic MEGA Sale

A group of gun-wielding characters band together in Borderlands 3
Image credit: Gearbox Software

You can obtain Gearbox Software’s zany FPS Borderlands 3 without exchanging any currency over on the Epic Games Store from, well, now. The freebie coincides with the start of this year’s discounterrific Epic MEGA Sale, which runs from today until June 16th. That means there’ll be three more “blockbuster” free games coming over the next few weeks, according to Epic Games.

Cover image for YouTube videoAn Ode To Socrates, Nate's Borderlands 3 Battle Ant
That's one big angry ant there, Nate.

Gearbox’s follow-up to Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, sees a 20% discount in the sale. More than 1,600 games and DLC are part of the MEGA Sale, including recent releases such as urban ghoul ‘em up Ghostwire Tokyo (34% off) and kickpuncher Sifu (20% off), along with some slightly less fresh stuff including Far Cry 6 for half-price and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade at 29% off. Every account with Epic Games Store is being given a 25% off coupon too.

Nate forged a deep connection with a giant battle-ant while playing through the game for his Borderlands 3 review. You can see the results in the video dedication above. “The poos-willies-bums-and-wee chuckles, the endless riffing on youtuber mannerisms, the repeated use of the word “badass”... It’s all a bit ‘how do you do, fellow kids?’,” he thought. “An uncomfortable nudge in the ribs from a series that really should be old enough to know better by now.” Borderlands be Borderlands.

Borderlands 3 is free to download at the Epic Games Store from now until May 26th. The Epic MEGA Sale runs until June 16th at 11am EST/4pm BST/5pm CEST.

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