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Far Cry 6 secret ending: how to get the secret ending in Far Cry 6

Here's how the secret ending of Far Cry 6 plays out, and how to unlock it

Want to know how to get the secret ending in Far Cry 6? If you've played previous entries in Ubisoft's long-running open-world FPS series, you'll likely have come to expect a secret ending somewhere early on. But fittingly for a game of this scale, in Far Cry 6 the secret ending comes not right at the very beginning, but a few hours into the game once everything starts to open up. Keep reading to learn exactly what to do to unlock Far Cry 6's secret ending.

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How to get the Far Cry 6 secret ending

Unlike many other secret endings in the history of the Far Cry franchise, in order to reach the Far Cry 6 secret ending you'll need to play a fair bit of the game first: enough to get you off Isla Santuario, the starting island of the Far Cry 6 map, and onto Libertad Island. This will likely take you a couple of hours of playing through the story missions on Isla Santuario.

To get the secret ending you must complete the story mission Libertad Rises, which involves you securing (i.e. killing all enemies onboard) two ships that are blockading the Guerrilla fighters' attempts to return to Libertad Island. After you meet up with Clara and make the journey to Libertad Island, there'll be a cutscene showing Antón Castillo and his son visiting a captive Julio in a cell in Esperanza. And after that, a cutscene will play back on Libertad Island where Clara and Juan make good on their promise to give you a boat on which to sail back to America and away from Yara.

It's very clear that Clara, Juan, and the game itself wants you to stay in Yara and help fight against Antón Castillo and his regime. And indeed, after this cutscene you're tasked with talking to Juan further inlan as part of your next story quest, The Guerrilla. But if you do decide to step onto the rickety old boat, you'll find that you can indeed start to drive it away from the coast. Once you sail beyond the bounds of Libertad Island, Dani will say to themself: "I'm sorry, Clara. Not my fight."

Far Cry 6: Dani and Juan look down at the camera.
They're judging you.

This line triggers the secret ending of Far Cry 6. After a fade to black, you'll be treated to a final cutscene of Dani lounging on a beach somewhere in America, listening to the news on the radio, which states the following:

"In other news, war has ended in Yara. President Antón Castillo announced that Clara García, the leader of the terrorist group Libertad, was killed by his special forces."

And then the credits start to roll. Not a particularly heartwarming ending to Far Cry 6, it has to be said. But for those of you who wanted to seek out the secret ending, there you have it! Afterwards, if you click Continue from the main menu, you'll be placed back on Libertad Island before you set off on your journey, so you can continue playing the game normally after unlocking the secret ending.

That's all there is to unlocking the secret ending to Far Cry 6's story. If you'd rather play through the full game now, you're going to need to equip yourself with the best weapons Far Cry 6 has to offer, and surround yourself with allies, from Leaders to send on Bandido Operations to the adorable Far Cry 6 Amigos that can help you in stealth and combat. Or, if you're looking for more general advice on the game, be sure to check out our Far Cry 6 tips and tricks guide.

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