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Far Cry 6 Leaders: where to find all 8 Bandido Leaders and how to unlock them

Here's how to unlock all the Leaders in Far Cry 6

Where do you find more Far Cry 6 Leaders? It's a common question among many players who have discovered the delights of the Bandido Operations minigame, and want to maximise their chances of victory by sending the right people to lead their Guerrilla expeditions. There are eight Leaders to be unlocked in Far Cry 6, each of whom brings different skills to your growing Libertad army. Learn where to find and how to unlock each of the Far Cry 6 Leaders below.

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Far Cry 6 Leaders and how to unlock them

If you've reached any of the three main Guerrilla Camps in the three major territories of Far Cry 6, you'll likely have noticed the Bandido Operations board. This is a minigame of sorts which involves sending groups of Libertad soldiers to complete a specific mission. You don't directly act in these missions, but you do give orders at key junctures of the mission, and - crucially - you get to pick certain people to act as mission Leaders.

To start off, you'll only have one Bandido Leader unlocked (Benito) but there are a total of 8 Leaders to unlock, and it's important that you do unlock them because each Leader has different skills which makes them particularly suitable for certain types of missions. Sending the right Leader for the right mission can dramatically increase your chances of success, and lower the risk of losing Libertad forces in the process.

Each of the Leaders after Benito must be unlocked by completing a specific Yaran Story mission (or set of missions). Read on to find out where to go and what to do to unlock each Leader.

Far Cry 6: the initial screen for the quest Fuel The Revolution, with Benito on the right-hand side of the screen explaining the mission.


Benito Menguez will already be unlocked when you first start looking into Bandido Operations, because he is available from the moment you complete his quest Fuel The Revolution on Isla Santuario, the starting island. Incidentally, this is also the quest that will unlock for you the ability to start fishing in Far Cry 6!


  • Surveyor: +50% Construction success chance
  • Constructor: -50% Metal requirements

Alfredo Maximo

Alfredo Maximo can be unlocked in Conuco, the very south-east tip of Yara. You'll need to proceed through the various story missions in El Este until you reach a mission called The Lion's Roar. This farily quick quest involves meeting up with Yelena Morales in the Grand Hotel Caballero and defending the hotel from various hordes of enemies before escaping. Complete the mision, and Alfredo Maximo will be unlocked as a Bandido Leader.


  • Smooth Talker: +50% Bribery success chance
  • Thrifty: -50% Pesos requirements

Freddy Jr

The key to unlocking Freddy Jr as a Leader is the quest Stealing Home. To unlock this quest, you may need to wait until a Guerrilla gives you intel on Freddy's whereabouts in Cruz Del Salvador. To find Freddy Jr, head to Segunda, the city in Cruz Del Salvador (in Valle De Oro), and speak to Freddy. Complete his quest, which involves breaking into various locations searching for Freddy's father's old baseball gear, and afterwards Freddy will lend his skills to your Bandido Operations as one of your 8 Leaders.


  • Sniper: +50% Sniper success chance
  • Long Shot: Choosing Sniper action gives +10% success chance until end of Operation
Far Cry 6: the player shoots at a car until it explodes in a ball of fire.


Isabela is unlocked by completing the Yaran Story mission, Wing and a Prayer, located in Noventarmas in Valle De Oro. You'll be tasked with freeing Marisol, another potential Bandido Leader. Complete the quest and you'll receive both Isabela and Marisol as Leaders.


  • Surprise!: +50% Ambush success chance
  • Adaptive: +10% success chance to one choice for each step


Marisol is unlocked alongside Isabela when you complete the aforementioned Wing and a Prayer Yaran Story mission in Noventarmas. Two Leaders for the price of one quest ain't bad at all, wouldn't you say?


  • Inquirer: +50% Interrogate success chance
  • Field Medic: -50% Medicine requirements

Big Papi

Big Papi can be unlocked as a Leader by completing the Yaran Story mission, Big Papi in Little Yara. This quest takes place on Duende Island, which is the large island off the east coast of Barrial in Valle De Oro. Juan will set you off on the quest by calling you when you're near the location and telling you to find Big Papi. Find him and defend him from the ensuing assault, and he'll become a Leader for use in your Bandido Operations.


  • Reckless: +50% Assault success chance
  • Speed Demon: -25% Bandido Operation time
Far Cry 6: the player holds a crossbow while looking into a lake filled with crocodiles.


Sergio is another Leader who is unlocked by completing a particular Yaran Story mission. In this case, you'll need to head to Concepcion - the city on the east coast of El Este in Conuco - and complete the Tricks of the Trade quest. This quest will be unlocked after completing the first several El Este main missions. Complete the quest and you'll gain Sergio as another Leader.


  • Ghillie Suit: +50% Stealth success chance
  • Super Sneak: Choosing Stealth action gives additional intel about Leader suitability for other Bandido Operations


Zenia takes a bit of time to unlock, despite being introduced to the character fairly early on with the Yaran Story mission, Stealing Thunder, in Madraguda. After that is another mission, Heavy Metal, again based in Madraguda. But the final mission she gives you - Paint the Town - is based in the capital city, Esperanza, which makes unlocking her quite a bit harder than any of the other Leaders. Once you complete this final mission though, you'll have her available as a master Saboteur to add to your group of Bandido Leaders.


  • Sabotage: +50% Sabotage success chance
  • Resourceful: -50% Gasolina requirements

That's every Bandido Leader in Far Cry 6 and how to unlock each one in turn. If you're after some more direct companions in battle, check out how to unlock each of the Far Cry 6 Amigos - or if you're more of a lone wolf, make sure you're prepared for all the aforementioned missions by consulting our list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6. And for everything else, your best place to start is our Far Cry 6 tips and tricks guide.

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