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How to fish in Far Cry 6: how to get the Fishing Rod and start catching fish

Here's how to get the Fishing Rod in Far Cry 6

Wondering how to fish in Far Cry 6? First you'll need a Fishing Rod. Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Sadly, you can't just walk up to those fishing points dotted about the coasts of Yara in Far Cry 6 and start catching fish, though.

Below we'll teach you how to get the Fishing Rod, how the actual fishing minigame works in Far Cry 6, and how to use the fish you've caught to cook delicious meals and trade for crafting materials.

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How to get the Fishing Rod in Far Cry 6

In order to fish in Far Cry 6, you'll first need a Fishing Rod. The Fishing Rod is a unique tool that is given to you fairly early on as a reward for a main quest on Isla Santuario, the starting island and one of the six territories in Far Cry 6.

The quest is called Fuel The Revolution, and it's where you meet the pirate and fisher, Benito Menguez. He'll task you with killing the Comandante, Rosario, on the west side of the island. Upon completing the quest you'll get the Fishing Rod and unlock the ability to start fishing.

A player fishing on the coast in Far Cry 6.

Have a read of our Far Cry 6 tips and tricks page for useful hints about how to get started!

How to fish in Far Cry 6

You can equip the Fishing Rod at any time from your weapon wheel. You can fish anywhere there is seawater, but it's also good to keep an eye out on the map for nearby fishing points where you can catch particular fish. At each fishing point, you'll also find small orange Tackle Boxes which act like a Workbench for your Fishing Rod, allowing you to improve your Rod and switch to different kinds of bait for different types of fish. Just like upgrading weapons, you'll need Gunpowder in order to upgrade your Fishing Rod.

The actual fishing mechanic is quite simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Hold left-click (or RT on controller), then release it to cast your line. The longer you hold, the further it'll be cast.
  2. Wait for a fish to take the bait. Reeling the line in slowly helps attract the fish. You'll know if a fish has taken the bait because there will be a line-snagging noise, and you'll get a prompt to hook the fish.
  3. Hook the fish with left-click (RT on controller), then begin to reel it in by holding right-click (LT on controller).
  4. While you reel in the fish, move the mouse (or the right thumbstick on controller) in the opposite direction the fish is pulling in order to fish the fish. The direction will keep changing, so you'll have to keep moving the mouse/thumbstick to fight the fish. If in doubt, check the icon under the "Fight Fish Movement" text and follow the direction the icon tells you.
  5. Once you reel the fish in fully, you'll have caught it!

You can trade the fish you've caught for crafting materials at any Workbench in Far Cry 6. Alternatively, you can keep the fish meat in order to cook food once you've unlocked La Cantina, one of the Camp Facilities you can build at any of the major Guerrilla Camps.

Hopefully this little how-to has set you on the path of a true Far Cry 6 fisher. For a more pleasant kind of interaction with the animals of Yara, be sure to check out our Far Cry 6 Amigos guide. Alternatively you can help make the land safer by ridding the land of those pesky Far Cry 6 Anti-Aircraft Cannons - and nab some precious Depleted Uranium while you're at it!

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