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Far Cry 6: how to get Gunpowder

Here are all the ways you can find Gunpowder in Far Cry 6

Confused about how to get Gunpowder in Far Cry 6? Gunpowder is a fairly sparse but very important resource in Ubisoft's colossal open-world FPS title, as it is a required component for upgrading your weapons arsenal throughout the game. There are only a few ways you can get your hands on Gunpowder in Far Cry 6, so follow the tips below to learn how to amass a healthy stockpile of Gunpowder while you play.

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How to get Gunpowder in Far Cry 6

If you've read through our Far Cry 6 tips and tricks, you'll already know that Gunpowder is a very useful, valuable, and hard-to-find material. Here's every way you can get Gunpowder in Far Cry 6:

  • Find and open FND Crates.
  • Steal military supply drops - these drops emit yellow smoke to help you find them.
  • Complete certain Bandido Operations.

The easiest and most prolific way to obtain Gunpowder is to find and open FND crates across the map. These crates will often contain 1 Gunpowder - although some may instead give you 1 Supremo-Bond or a piece of gear or weapon instead. To find FND crates, keep an eye out on the Far Cry 6 map for crate icons while you're travelling, or pick up maps in FND bases and bribe FND Double Agents with Pesos to reveal FND crate locations nearby.

A tutorial in Far Cry 6 about bribing double agents.

What is Gunpowder used for in Far Cry 6?

Gunpowder is a very important resource in Far Cry 6, because it is a required material for every single type of modification you want to make to a weapon throughout your playthrough. If you want to add a suppressor or a scope to a weapon, or switch to one of the different ammo types in Far Cry 6, then you'll need a certain amount of Gunpowder to do so.

Different mods require different amounts of Gunpowder. The simplest mods require just 1 Gunpowder, but more effective mods may require 2 or 3 Gunpowder. And considering you only ever seem to get 1 Gunpowder at a time with any of the above methods, it's very important to seek out this resource whenever you see the opportunity.

That's the mystery of Gunpowder solved in Far Cry 6. Another key resource that's even harder to find is Depleted Uranium, so make sure you know how to find it. While you're here you should also read up on the abilities of the different Far Cry 6 Amigos and how to unlock each one to help you in combat.

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