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Far Cry 6 ammo types: what do the different damage types do and which should you use?

Which enemies are vulnerable to which damage types in Far Cry 6?

Want to know about the different ammo types in Far Cry 6? Each type of ammo in Ubisoft's behemoth of a FPS deals a different type of damage to enemies, and each of them is particularly effective against certain foes in Anton Castillo's army.

Learn about the different damage and ammo types in Far Cry 6 below, and how you can learn which enemies are susceptible to certain types of damage.

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Far Cry 6 ammo types and damage types explained

Far Cry 6 offers plenty of different ways to inflict damage upon Dani's enemies. Almost every weapon in the game can be outfitted to use one of six different ammo types:

  • Standard Rounds - standard military grade ammo, no pros or cons.
  • Soft Target Rounds - high damage vs unarmoured, low damage vs armoured.
  • Armor Piercing Rounds - high velocity, high damage vs armoured.
  • Poison Rounds - low damage, deals poison damage over time.
  • Blast Rounds - high damage vs vehicles, low damage vs everything else.
  • Incendiary Rounds - low damage but lights target(s) on fire, dealing damage over time.

In addition, every enemy in the game is vulnerable to a certain damage type, and you can see a handy infographic of which ammo to use on which enemy type taped onto the Workbenches that are scattered throughout the world of Far Cry 6 where you can modify your weapons using Gunpowder.

You can also use your Phone to scan enemies, letting you know what ammo type is effective against them, along with what type of damage they will inflict upon you. You can therefore use this information for defence as well as offence, by equipping gear that specifically resists the damage type of the enemies you are about to face.

An infographic on every Workbench in Far Cry 6 explaining which enemies are vulnerable to (and use) which ammo types.
This infographic is found on every Workbench in Far Cry 6. The arrows indicate which ammo types to use against the enemies, and the small icons in each photo indicate which ammo types the enemies will use against you.

What damage type is best?

There's really no "best" damage type to use in Far Cry 6. It's a rock paper scissors system, where everything is strong against some enemies and weak against other enemies. Having said that, Soft Target Rounds and Armor Piercing Rounds are two ammo types you should pick up as quickly as possible, because they'll help you deal fairly well with the majority of foot soldiers in the game.

Poison, Blast, and Incendiary Rounds all have low base damage, but they're very powerful against the correct foes - and they'll also stun, distract, or even incapacitate many enemies for a moment, making up for their weak damage. Poison Rounds are particularly fun, because an enemy afflicted with poison damage may lose their minds for a short time and attack their allies. What's more, the poison is very flammable, so inflicting poison damage and then switching to an incendiary weapon is a very effective combo against many enemy types.

I highly recommend you get at least one weapon for every ammo type as early on as possible, so that you can deal with any threat you come across. You can also go into your Arsenal screen and switch weapons on the fly even during a fight (the game is paused in this screen), so you can switch between all six damage types in the blink of an eye.

Hopefully this walkthrough of the different Far Cry 6 ammo types has given you a better idea of how to equip yourself for each battle. To help prepare you for battle even further, check out our walkthrough on how to unlock the Far Cry 6 Amigos. You can also check out our guide on the Far Cry 6 map and its territories, and our more general list of Far Cry 6 tips and tricks.

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