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Far Cry 6 Supremos: how to unlock all 7 Supremo backpacks and their special abilities

Here's what each of the Far Cry 6 Supremos does and how to get them

Want to know about Supremos and their special abilities in Far Cry 6? Supremos are among the most powerful pieces of equipment you can find in Far Cry 6. Not only do they allow you to use throwable gadgets like grenades and throwing knives, but they also give you access to some very powerful special abilities. But not all the Supremos are easy to get your hands on.

Below we'll talk about each of the seven Supremo backpacks in Far Cry 6, how to get them, and the special abilities each one unlocks. Keep an eye out in particular for the last Supremo on this list, because it's pretty much the most powerful weapon in the game.

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Far Cry 6 Supremos: how to get Supremos

Supremos in Far Cry 6 are backpacks which allow you to carry various gadgets such as throwing knives, dynamite, gas grenades, and much more. In addition, each Supremo gives you a single very powerful ability. You can only use this ability every so often because it has a long cooldown, but you can speed up the cooldown by earning kills.

All Supremos except for Triador can be purchased from Juan or one of his Arms Dealers in exchange for Depleted Uranium. You can find Juan on Libertad Island, and you can find his Arms Dealers at all captured FND Bases.

Below are all the Supremos in Far Cry 6 and the special ability that each one gives you.

A screenshot of the Exterminador Supremo in Far Cry 6.


Exterminador is the first Supremo you unlock, and you have no choice in the matter because it's part of the main story that introduces you to the idea of Supremos. The special ability of Exterminador is Armagedon Strike: this ability launches several explosive rockets from your backpack which automatically hone in on nearby enemy targets. They're great for taking out Anti-Aircraft Cannons early on before you get access to launcher weapons - but they're also great for destroying vehicles and obliterating troops of foot soldiers.

A screenshot of the Fantasma Supremo in Far Cry 6.


Fantasma's special ability is Venom Salvo, which launches canisters of poison gas that explode in a large area in front of you. Much like weapons with the poison ammo type, this poison gas disorientates enemy soldiers and even turns them against each other for a short time. While in this state, enemies are very easy to kill or sneak past depending on what you want to accomplish using this powerful Supremo.

A screenshot of the Volta Supremo in Far Cry 6.


Volta is, as you might expect from the name, and electricity-based Supremo. Its special ability, El Impulso, will send out an EMP which disables all vehicles and security systems in an area around you, as well as stunning nearby enemies for a short time. It's very useful both defensively (while you're being hounded by a Helicopter or a Tank, for example) and offensively (running in and disabling the security systems so backup can't be called).

A screenshot of the Furioso Supremo in Far Cry 6.


Furioso's Fuego Loco ability is actually two abilities in one: the main ability sends out an explosive ring in front of you that deals high damage to enemies caught by it. But in addition, Fuego Loco has the passive benefit of allowing you to thrust forward while in mid-air by pressing the jump button, giving you some extra mobility which is very handy in tight combat situations.

A screenshot of the Medico Supremo in Far Cry 6.


The Mèdico Supremo is, as the in-game description suggests, very useful in Far Cry 6's Co-op missions. Its special ability, Zona Medicina, allows you to self-revive and give both yourself and nearby allies some fast health regeneration at the press of a button. Its usefulness also extends to singleplayer, of course, because it's great to have some additional healing potential aside from your regular charge-limited heals.

A screenshot of the Gladiador Supremo in Far Cry 6.


The Gladiador Supremo delves into the territory of stimulants with its ability Juice Injector, which sends Dani into a rage state which increases her speed, maximum health, and melee damage by a considerable amount. It's a fun way to lay waste to a group of enemies, for sure, but it's also a good panic button which gives you the extra tankiness and speed to escape a bad situation at times.

A screenshot of the Triador Supremo in Far Cry 6.

Triador (secret Supremo)

The Triador Supremo is the only backpack you can't acquire from Juan, because it isn't his creation. And don't let him know, but: it's by far the best Supremo in the game.

The Triador special ability is Truesight, which allows you to see nearby enemies through walls and mark them while you're at it. But that's not all: when combined with the La Varita Resolver Weapon, you can also shoot enemies through walls using Triador's special ability, making it by far the most powerful weapon of any kind in Far Cry 6.

To get Triador and La Varita (as well as Oluso the Amigo), you'll need to complete the Triada Relics quest by finding the three Triada relics scattered across the Far Cry 6 map, and returning them to Oluwa Cave. You can find out details about this quest (and a walkthrough of its only tricky area) by checking out our Far Cry 6 Oku's Triada Relic walkthrough.

Those are all the Supremos in Far Cry 6 and how to get your hands on them. If you want to earn new gadgets to fill your new backpacks with, check out our guide on how to get Gunpowder to unlock them. If you're interested in another aspect of the game, your best place to start is our Far Cry 6 tips and tricks guide.

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