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No cross-saves for Monster Hunter Rise, but Capcom say they looked into it

Maybe next time, MonHunters

Getting Monster Hunter games on PC still feels like a new treat, even after Monster Hunter World has been out for a few years. Next up for the action and fashion series is Monster Hunter Rise, which is already out on the Nintendo Switch and coming to PC in January. With the PC release coming ten months after the Switch, it's no surprise that MonHunt fans would be keen on being able to carry their save files over to PC in January with cross-progression. Capcom looked into the possibility they say, and cross-platform multiplayer too, but won't be doing either, they've now said.

Capcom filled folks in today in a post on Twitter, saying that they've heard fan requests for cross-play and cross-progress features between Switch and PC. "Unfortunately, after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time," they say.

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The need to set expectations comes from a survey that Capcom asked fans to fill out after their Tokyo Games Show appearance at the end of September. It's closed now, but you can spot several folks beneath that post pointing out a question about what might make them more interested in purchasing Rise on PC. Both cross-progress and cross-play were listed among other possible answers such as a demo (which Rise is doing) and PC-specific optimisations (which they've published a trailer for).

Though it was specifically asking about Rise, it seems like Capcom's survey was probably intending to gauge interest in cross-platform features for future MonHunt games. Capcom's CEO recently said they they want PC to be their main games sales platform within a couple years. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they're attempting to get into cross-saves down the line.

When it comes to Rise though, you'll need to start over on PC if you've already been digging in on the Switch like Katharine has. She says that Rise may be her ideal Monster Hunter game after having a somewhat on-off relationship with the series.

I briefly got into MonHunt World myself and just never quite clicked with its combat. I know I've got pals who've already gotten into Rise though, and would certainly be giving it even greater consideration if I knew I could play along with them once it gets to PC.

Monster Hunter Rise launches for PC on January 12 over on Steam. By the by, there is a demo for Rise beginning this Wednesday, October 13th also via Steam.

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