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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's second free title update lets you wield a giant corn on the cob

More new monsters than you can wave a comically large vegetable at

Beastie-battling action RPG Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is getting a second free update on September 29th. While there’s some new monsters to square off against, I feel the most critically important part of the update is the layered weapons system. This gives you the option to unsheathe some truly bizarre weaponry, including something that appears to be a comically huge ear of sweet corn. Witness for yourself by watching the trailer below.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's next free update brings layered weapons and three new monsters to track down.Watch on YouTube

Layered weapons are arriving in this update, which are pretty much just skins for whatever you fancy wielding. Capcom say that almost all of the weapons featured in Rise and Sunbreak up to this title update will be customisable. Among the random things you can make your insect glaive or whatever look like, I think my favourite is a giant teddy bear with a tartan bow tie and little waist coat. I don’t know what would possess anyone to think that would be a good thing to attack a huge fire-breathing wyvern with, but best of luck to them.

Prepare to brandish your giant stuffed toys at some more incoming monsters too. This time around you’ll be tracking and thwacking Violet Mizutsune, Flaming Espinas and Risen Chameleos. Mizutsune is a dog-nosed dragon that’s a fetching shade of purple, with what appear to be bubbles and water sprays for its attacks. Espinas was teased a few weeks ago, and is a massive, horned and fiery flying beast. Chameleos has a long tongue that’ll lash you like a whip, and can turn invisible to get the drop on your hunting party. Some of these monsters, including Chameleos, feature in new anomaly research quests.

Liam had fun carving up the expansion for his Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review back in June, relishing the extra challenge. “The true appeal, really, lies in that advanced difficulty,” he said. “If you’re desperate for a challenge, to face off against monsters whose ferocity finally matches their stature, to use their bones for fancy new armour sets that celebrate those achievements, then Sunbreak is for you.”

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s second title update is coming on September 29th. The game’s available on Steam for £33/$40/€40, and on Nintendo Switch. There’s a bunch more info on what’s coming in the update on Capcom’s site here. Just don’t go after the Jolly Green Giant, please.

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