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Ice dragon Velkhana returns in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's fourth free Title update

Characters from the Hunting Ground series make an appearance, too

Capcom’s monstrously big Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is receiving its fourth free title update on February 7th. Sunbreak’s latest update adds new Event Quests, Anomaly Research content, paid DLC, and two new Elder Dragons to hunt. I don’t think any of these additions are as exciting as the giant Sweetcorn weapon introduced last year, but I digress.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Free Title Update 4: Velkhana & Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax

The most exciting parts of the new update are, of course, the new Elder Dragons. Velkhana is a returning foe from Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion, and we got a hefty look at lord of the tundra in a new trailer (embedded above). Velkhana still deals icy attacks to freeze you in place, so wear something warm. Velkhana can be challenged from Master Rank 10 onwards.

The update’s other big boss is the Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax who can be challenged starting at Master Rank 160 and above. Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax is an ultra-fierce variant of the dragon, similar to other Risen dragons we’ve seen in the game before.

As well as introducing these formidable beasties to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the title update further expands on Anomaly Research Quests, introducing the afflicted Chaotic Gore Magala in A8* quests, adding Risen Elder dragons from level 111 onward, and raising the anomaly investigation level cap to 220. Weekly Event Quests will continue to arrive as well, bringing new rewards each time. I especially love the white earmuffs spotted in the trailer, mainly because they look warm and cosy. The update is rounded out by some paid cosmetics, including characters from Capcom’s The Hunting Guide series, who all look charmingly out-of-place in Sunbreak’s art style.

Capcom have promised another free title update in April. Until then, you’re free to hunt the new Risen Dragons in Hunting Guide cosplay on February 7th, when the fourth title update arrives on PC and consoles. Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion are available on Steam for a combined sum of £58/€70/$70. The base game is also available on Game Pass.

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