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Monster Hunter Rise: how to unlock all new Switch Skills in Sunbreak and the base game

Unlock two new Switch Skills for each weapon in Sunbreak

Want to know how to unlock all the new switch skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? The Sunbreak expansion is here and brings with it two new Switch Skills for each of Monster Hunter’s classic weapons. Sunbreak also introduces Switch Skill Swap Scrolls, which allow players to dynamically change between two Switch Skill loadouts during battle. Unlocking both skill swapping and the new skills is mercifully much simpler than it was in the base game. This guide will help you get there.

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How to unlock all new Switch Skills in Sunbreak

To unlock the first new switch skill for each weapon, you just need to defeat the Daimyo Hermitaur to reach Elgado, then follow along with the Elgado tutorial introductions. This will eventually introduce you to Elgado’s Arena Master, Arlow. During your conversation, the old Kamura Arena Master and Switch Skill tutor Utsushi will appear and whisk you away to the arena.

Here, Utsushi will teach you how to use Switch Skill Swap Scrolls, and grant the first new switch skill for each weapon when you complete his tutorial. You don’t have to slay the Arzuros released in the arena to complete the tutorial. Just play around with the new swap system until you’re comfortable, then hit “Complete Quest” in the start menu.

To unlock the second batch of new Switch Skills, you need to reach Master Rank 4. Progress the main quest until this point, then complete two more key quests to reach the next urgent quest. Once you do, you will receive a notification that Master Utsushi wants to speak to you. Travel to the Kamura Gathering Hub to have a chat, and you will receive another new Switch Skill for every weapon.

The fortress walls of Elgado, the new Sunbreak hub in Monster Hunter Rise

How to unlock all Switch Skills in base Monster Hunter Rise

If you are new to Monster Hunter Rise or a returning player looking to unlock a Switch Skill you missed from the base game, you have a bit more work to do. The first set of Switch Skills is simple. Just reach Rank 3 in Village quests or Rank 2 in Hub quests and then speak to Master Utsushi to unlock the first Switch Skill for every weapon.

The second set is a bit more complicated. To unlock the second base-game Switch Skill for each weapon, you need to craft or upgrade 8 different weapons of each weapon type. Your 8th craft or upgrade for each weapon will unlock a new Switch Skill for that weapon. If you want to unlock them all, you need to repeat this for all weapon types.

The third set of base game skills involves a series of Hub quests. When you reach Hub rank 4, 5, and 6, Master Utsushi will grant you batches of quests that task you with hunting two monsters. Each quest unlocks a new Switch Skill for one weapon. You can access the quests for Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn, Light Bowgun, and Switch Axe at rank 4, Great Sword, Hammer, Charge Blade, Lance, and Heavy Bowgun at rank 5, and Long Sword, Gunlance, Dual Blades, Insect Glaive, and Bow at rank 6.

That's everything you need to unlock every Switch Skill in Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion! If you're looking for sub-camp locations throughout Monster Hunter Rise, our list of sub-camp locations has the entire base game and both new Sunbreak maps covered. If you dove into the game recently and aren't sure how to start Sunbreak content, our guide on how to start Sunbreak will get you there. Those of you who are further along can also check out our guid to the Garangolm fight at MR3.

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