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Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp locations: all base game and new sub-camps from the Sunbreak expansion

Track down every camp in Monster Hunter Rise

Looking for all the sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise? Campsites provide additional fast travel points around Monster Hunter Rise’s maps and a place to rest, eat, and change your loadout. To unlock each sub-camp, you must find its location, then speak to the merchant in Kamura or Elgado to access an unlock quest. Complete the quest, and that camp will be available as a fast travel destination and tent site forever. Below you’ll find every camp on every map in the game.

This list includes the new Sunbreak maps. So, this guide does contain location spoilers for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! Stop scrolling after Lava Caverns if you wish to avoid new area names and map images.

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Shrine Ruins sub-camp locations

The Shrine Ruins sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise

The Shrine Ruins have just one sub-camp, located in a hollow space on top of the mountain northeast of the Area 10 lake. You will need to use wirebugs to climb up. Grabbing a third wirebug from Area 10 will make this much easier. The Area 10 camp quest requires you to slay 8 Izuchis in the Shrine Ruins.

Frost Islands sub-camp locations

The Frost Islands have two sub-camps available. The first is in Area 6, in the pit northeast of the Area 6 map marker. To unlock the Area 6 subcamp, you need to slay 6 Zamite in the Frost Islands.

The second Frost Islands sub-camp is in Area 8, on top of the mountain between Areas 8 and 10. Again, you will need your wirebugs to wall-run up and find the campsite. To unlock the camp, you must turn in two Warm Pelts and four Monster Bone S. You can acquire Warm Pelts by carving Kelbi and Anteka. Monster Bone S are found in bonepiles in the Low-Rank versions of all base-game maps.

Sandy Plains sub-camp locations

Sandy Plains also has two sub-camps, spaced similarly to the Frost Islands camps. You will find the first in Area 7, on a hill between the Area 7, 2, and 3 map markers. For the unlock quest, you need to slay 7 Kestodon in Sandy Plains.

The second sub-camp is in the valley in Area 8, directly east of the area 8 map marker. The unlock quest for the Area 8 sub-camp requires a Lagombi Pelt, earned by hunting Low-Rank Lagombi, and two Monster Bone M, a common reward for hunting Low-Rank Great Baggi, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Great Wroggi, Aknosom, Barroth, and Khezu.

Flooded Forest sub-camp location

Flooded Temple sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise

The Flooded Forest has one sub-camp in the northern third of the map. You will find the campsite inside of a hollow at the top of the mountain east of Area 11. The unlock quest for the Flooded Forest sub-camp requires that you slay 8 Wroggi in the Flood Forest.

Lava Caverns sub-camp locations

Lava Caverns has two sub-camps, one on either side of the great ravine in the center of the map. The first is between the Area 6, 7, and 3 map markers. You will find the campsite in some ruins on top of the surface-level mountains.

The second sub-camp is in the far northeast corner of the volcano, again on the above-ground surface level. You can find this camp at the edge of the mountain, between Area 10 and 11. To unlock it, defeat 8 Uroktor, which you will find in the underground, lava-filled sections of Lava Caverns.

Jungle sub-camp location: Sunbreak spoilers ahead!

The Jungle subcamp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Jungle is the first new location you will visit in the Sunbreak expansion and features one sub-camp. You can find the Jungle sub-camp in the dead center of the map, just north of the massive tree in the middle. The campsite is above ground, on top of the mountain. To unlock it, slay 8 Hermitaurs, which you can find all over the Jungle and in the water areas of Master Rank Shrine Ruins.

Citadel sub-camp location

The location of the Citadel sub-camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Citadel is the second new map in Sunbreak, featuring a variety of biomes within the surrounding ruins. You will first travel to the Citadel to fight Garangolm at the start of Master Rank 3 quests. There is one Citadel subcamp, located in the far northeast corner of the map. You can access the campsite through a cave located north of the Area 4 marker, in the cliffs at the edge of the map. To unlock the camp, you will need to slay 8 Boggi, found throughout the Citadel map. Citadel has several small monster spawn locations in the cliffs and valleys surrounding the main paths, so stick to the high ground to more easily spot packs of Boggi.

That's everything you need to find and activate all the sub-camp location in base Monster Hunter Rise! Check back soon for an updated list of every Sunbreak sub-camp location. If you aren't sure what quests you need to complete before you can dive into Sunbreak content, see our quick guide on how to start Sunbreak. If you plan to party up, use our guide to playing with friends to learn the ins and outs of the party system.

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