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How to start Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Required quests and catch-up gear

Everything you need to complete to begin the Sunbreak expansion

Want to know how to start the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion? Sunbreak launches on June 30th, bringing a host of new monsters and locales to Monster Hunter Rise on both PC and Switch. Sunbreak is an extension of Rise’s story, and adds new Master Rank monsters and quests to the equation. That means to start Sunbreak’s content, you need to complete enough of the base Monster Hunter Rise story to get caught up. This guide will clarify exactly what you need to have completed, and include some tips for getting there faster.

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Required quests to start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you must have completed the 7-star Hub Quest "Serpent Goddess of Thunder." This quest is the "end" of the Monster Hunter Rise base game story, though there is actually a bit more story in later Hub Quests after the credits roll. However, those quests are not required to begin Sunbreak. If you’ve defeated Narwa in the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest, you’re ready to go.

The required Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest, needed to begin the Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise

Remember that Village Quests are separate from Hub Quests, and are not required to start Sunbreak. If you are new to Monster Hunter, the easier Village Quests are still a good introduction to the franchise and its mechanics. If you are ready for Sunbreak though, you can skip Village Quests entirely.

Catch-up gear: How to get Black Belt Armor and Defender weapons

If you are just diving into Monster Hunter Rise and looking to catch up to friends who are starting Sunbreak, there is a way to speed up your progress. The Black Belt Armor set and Defender weapons have enormous base stats relative to their competitors, and are intended to help players progress through the base game faster and catch up with friends. Do be warned that these items will trivialize most of the base game. If you are not in a hurry and want a more authentic experience, you may want to skip them.

If you do want to catch up as fast as possible, you can claim a full set of Black Belt armor from the “Add-On Content” tab at the Mail Courier in Kamura. The armor will then be added to your inventory and ready to use.

You can then craft Defender weapons at the Blacksmith under the “Forge Weapons” section. The Defender tree is right at the very top, so you can’t miss it.

That's everything you need to start Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! If you completed the base game Hub story you're all set, and new players can catch up quickly with Black Belt and Defender gear. New players looking to catch up should also check out our Monster Hunter Rise beginner tips. If you plan to party up, use our guide to playing with friends to learn the ins and outs of the party system.

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