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Austin Powers spliced into Mass Effect makes a disturbingly good Shepard

Intergalactic Man Of Mystery

The geth have begun launching seemingly random attacks on human colonies. Rumours are circling that ancient machines will soon emerge from darkspace. There is only one man equipped to deal with these threats: Intergalactic Man Of Mystery, Austin Powers. Someone has made a video editing Mike Myers' 60s spy into Mass Effect and I'm astounded at how well it works. I don't know what else to say. This is Mass Effect in its ultimate form. Please watch it, it's the best minute I've spent all week.

I say "minute" - I've watched this multiple times now. It has everything: cringey flirting, horrific driving, incredible dancing, and even a perfectly in-character renegade scene.

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As well as just generally being very funny, it's shockingly consistent. I reckon you could swap out Shepard for Powers and the entire Mass Effect trilogy would still work. "I also like to live dangerously", would fit into every renegade dialogue option and probably still make sense. Modders, if you're reading this, please.

This vid is full of choice moments, but my favourite bit is Austin booting the Starchild into the "destroy" controls for the Crucible, instantly blowing the damn thing up. Truly, this is the Mass Effect ending we deserved.

We have "eli_handle_b․wav" on YouTube to thank for this masterpiece, and I implore you to check out their other videos too. They've also put Breaking Bad's Walter White in Half-Life and American Psycho's Patrick Bateman in Fallout 4.

Even BioWare know this is some top-tier content:

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