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Get the outstanding Razer Viper ultralight mouse for 50% off

One of the best FPS mice for just £40, complete with optical switches, flexible cable and 69g weight.

The Razer Viper is one of my favourite mice of all time, whether we're talking about the wireless Ultimate version, the compact Mini model or the vanilla Viper. It's this OG model that is on sale today at Amazon, who have marked it down from £80 to just £40 - an incredible bargain for an ultralight mouse with a high-end optical sensor, optical mouse buttons, flexible cable and low weight of just 69 grams.

So why are light mice desirable these days? After all, a few years ago, the heaviest mice were seen as the best, and many models even came with weights you could install to make it even heavier. I think it was down to a heavy mouse feeling well-built with loads of features, in comparison to cheap mice that felt poorly made and weren't large enough to use comfortably.

New ultralight mice are different - they're solidly built and comfortably sized, but dispense with weight wherever possible to make them faster to aim. Used in combination with a low sensitivity setting and a big mouse pad, and you can use your arm for fast flicks without losing the ability to shoot accurately with wrist or hand movements.

Besides the low weight and a comfortable shape, these new breed of ultralights also come with super-flexible cables that don't drag on your mouse mat, making them feel almost wireless - especially when used with a mouse bungee. They also have acceleration-free optical sensors, which deliver reliable performance even in the most frantic of movements.

The Viper follows the trend perfectly, with a nice ambidextrous shape that'll suit left or right-handers equally well. I've been using the Viper Ultimate for years, and there's something about the switches, the shape and the weight that just make it an ideal choice for me - I feel very comfortable playing games like Counter-Strike, Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege with one of these in my oversized paws.

In any case, I hope this breathless evangelising has convinced you that this mouse is a good deal. I think I paid around £70 for my Viper, and this is such a good price that I'm picking up a second one just in case the first one breaks - and this white colourway is pretty cool too.

Thanks for joining me! I'll see you here tomorrow for more deals.

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