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Apex Legends begins zombie-filled Halloween event next week

It adds a spooky new Arenas map too

It's beginning: video game Halloween celebrations are starting to emerge from the shadows for another year. This Tuesday, Apex Legends players will be able to jump into the battle royale's new spooky event, Monsters Within. It brings back the limited-time mode that turns Legends into zombies to hunt their pals, adds a bunch of eerie cosmetics, and introduces a new ominous-looking Arenas map to boot. I'm very excited. Halloween!

Like previous years, players will be able to jump into the Shadow Royale game mode. It starts out like a usual battle royale, except every time a player dies they get to respawn as a zombie and chase down their murderers.

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Shadow Royale is great fun. Zombies can climb fast, run fast, and slap people for a helluva lot of damage with their ghostly hands. You can still win with your squad as a zomb as long as at least one of your friends stays alive, which ends up with a lot of undead people playing "get down Mr. President" to help them stay that way.

If the 3v3 Arenas mode is more your thing, there's a new map for that, Encore. It's based on the newest character Seer's home planet, set in a dusty arena with lots of little buildings for cover. It's kinda like an ominous, deserted concert arena, with a pretty blue and purple stage, and a fantastic-looking skybox.

As always, a handful of Legends have new skins and cosmetic items to purchase in the in-game store. Revenant is looking particularly terrifying this year, wearing a robo animal face that's emerging through a cracked skull mask, while Seer looks like a fashionable vampire.

Monsters within kicks off on Tuesday, October 12th, and runs until November 2nd. Each week players will be able to complete challenges to level up a rewards tracker and earn some Hallo-themed freebies. Find out more on the Apex website.

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