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Call Of Duty: Vanguard's writers want to make two sequels

Using the same characters

Call Of Duty: Vanguard has started to dribble out a few more details about its story in new trailers, with a particular focus on its five new protagonists. If those characters are appealing, then good news: Vanguard's developers say that they hope to make a Vanguard 2 and 3 with the same cast.

First up, here's a new story trailer released on Monday:
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The Call Of Duty YouTube channel also posted this 'behind the scenes' video, talking to the cinematic directors, art designers and the game's writers about how excited they are:

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It's a little odd hearing so many of the developers talk about untold tales from World War 2, when they also point out that Vanguard's story is fictional. Yes, its characters have real world inspirations, as they discuss, but here they're fighting against "the Fourth Reich" in battles that never took place.

Speaking during a panel at New York Comic Con, Vanguard writer Sam Maggs said that they hoped to make Vanguard 2 and 3 featuring the same characters.

"We came into this process saying, ‘how do we make the iconic CoD characters?’ because you don’t really have that in Call of Duty right now," said Maggs, as reported by VGC. "And so we came into this being like, ‘who could be our flagship CoD characters?’ because we want to make Vanguard 2 and Vanguard 3, because we have two more stories that we really want to tell with these characters."

I was going to glibly argue that surely Captain Price is Call Of Duty's flagship character, but then I couldn't remember his name and had to type "corporal moustache call of duty" into Google to find it.

Vanguard will launch on November 5th, with open betas having already taken place. Meanwhile, publishers Activision Blizzard continue to face several lawsuits related to an allegedly toxic workplace culture.

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