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Back 4 Blood Evangelo build: best build for Evangelo

Learn how to create the best melee Evangelo build

Evangelo in Back 4 Blood
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Want to know the best build for Evangelo in Back 4 Blood? Whilst the best cards could fit into any deck, you should always aim to specialise when creating a specific build in Back 4 Blood. Creating the best build for your character is essential if you want to survive on Nightmare difficulty, but it can be tricky to weed through every card to find the perfect match.

If you've looked through the characters and decided that you like Evangelo, then you're in luck. This guide covers the best melee build for Evangelo in Back 4 Blood, so that you can stop scratching your head looking at cards and start slashing (which is sort of his speciality). Evangelo might not be one of the best characters at first, but you can transform him into a powerhouse with certain cards.

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Best Evangelo build

Evangelo is light on his feet and strong with his sword. He gets boosts to stamina regen and team movement speed, along with the ability to break out of grabs once every 60 seconds.

Whilst you don’t need to stick with the machete, it’s certainly worth holding on to. The blade will quickly slice down any zombies in front of you, and lets you reap the rewards of some of the melee cards in Back 4 Blood. Oh, and it's one of the best weapons in Back 4 Blood.

Use the following cards in your Evangelo deck:

  • Meth Head
  • Slugger
  • Brazen
  • Run And Gun
  • Speed Demon
  • Hellfire
  • Quick Kill
  • Batter Up
  • Berserker
  • Sunder
  • Face Your Fears
  • Scar Tissue
  • Battle Lust
  • Ignore The Pain
  • Heavy Hitter

The card at the top of a deck is the first active card that you will get in a run, so it is important to select it carefully. We recommend putting Meth Head at the top, as it has the most impact on your playstyle by disabling aim down sights entirely. That might seem drastic, but you shouldn’t really need to aim with this build, as it focuses on powerful melee attacks with a light sprinkle of running and gunning with an SMG.

Back 4 Blood Evangelo melee build with meth head, brazen, and slugger cards on screen

Fortunately, Meth Head comes with some great benefits, giving you a 40% increase to both melee attack speed and melee stamina efficiency. Slugger and Brazen significantly increase the same stats, meaning Evangelo can swing his machete almost twice as fast. If you want another character that specialises in melee, check out our Holly build.

The next few cards on the list, from Run and Gun to Quick Kill, serve to bolster Evangelo’s skill with SMGs, so you can give that itchy trigger finger a workout. Run and Gun allows you to shoot whilst sprinting, so you can keep up the pace and stay on the offensive when your machete just won't cut it. Speed Demon and Hellfire both increase your movement speed whilst using an SMG, and Speed Demon also gives you a 35% boost to reload speed. Quick Kill increases your accuracy by 50%, and it’s only drawback is disabling ADS again, which will have no effect on your Evangelo.

The second half of the deck consists of a variety of useful melee cards that combine to drastically improve your melee attack damage, whilst also allowing you to take less damage, regenerate some health, and even make Ridden that you hit take more damage from your teammates. That's especially useful for dealing with any pesky Special Ridden that try to ruin your run.

If you haven't unlocked all of the cards needed for this build, check out our Supply Lines guide to learn how to earn more Supply Points and get new cards. If you'd rather kill zombies from a distance, take a look at our Walker build to start sniping Ridden with ease.

That's everything that you need to make a powerful Evangelo build in Back 4 Blood. If that's not quite enough to help you survive the chaos of Nightmare mode, check out our Back 4 Blood tips and tricks. If you're still new to Back 4 Blood, take a look at how to unlock all cleaners so that you can try out a different character.

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