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Back 4 Blood gets its first major expansion in April

It'll add a new cooperative PvE mode along with more playable characters

Co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood will be back 4 more blood in April. Its first major DLC, Tunnels of Terror, will bring the a new cooperative PvE mode along with more playable characters, weapon skins, and so on.

The new mode, Ridden Hives, will task players with spelunking through underground tunnels beneath Evansburgh. Watch out though! There's zombies down there. New ones, to be specific. Apparently, one of the variations has figured out how to set landmines. They really don't want you intruding on their house. You'll be able to play as these new undead in the PvP, too, for when you just have that urge to trick and bamboozle your friends.

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There are also two new playable characters planned for the update. Sharice is a firefighter with a great big axe, and Heng a restaurateur. Maybe Back 4 Blood zombies are a bit vampire-ish and don't like garlic. Although he also has a smaller axe. And, (not pictured) a lot of guns. Alongside this new pair of Cleaners, there's a host of new cosmetics and associated hot fresh content, detailed by developers Turtle Rock Studios in this handy graphic.

Love how many pockets and little bags Heng has. That's practical fashion. I feel like if I asked him for gum he would definitely provide.

The Tunnels of Terror DLC will be out on April 12, but the developers haven't said how much it'll cost yet. On the plus side, if you're grouped up with pals, only one person needs to have bought the expansion for everyone in the party to be able to play with the new stuff.

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