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Back 4 Blood lays out content roadmap including a new co-op mode

A new co-op mode is due next year

The problem with coming Back 4 Blood is that soon you'll want more blood, and more blood. Thankfully, Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock have detailed more of the post-launch plans for their new zombie-smashing shooter, laying out the content roadmap for the next few months and into next year. Before paid expansions start rolling in 2022, this year we should expect to see new free stuff including a solo offline mode with progression, a new card type, new cards, and more.

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Plans for free updates start gentle and welcome this month with promises of "major bug fixes" and "quality of life improvements". Come December, we should see new features including solo offline play with campaign progression, a new card type, new cards, new Supply Lines, a practice area, and a holiday event. Then in 2022, expect newness including a new co-op mode, a new difficulty level, and more.

Here, have a look-see on the public content roadmap:

Back 4 Blood content roadmap.
Slinging 'tent.

Back 4 Blood not supporting the full progression dealio for singleplayers has not been popular. Even before launch, Turtle Rock said they planned to do something about that. December it is.

Away from freeness, the three paid expansions covered by the £35 Annual Pass will arrive across 2022. The first is named Tunnels Of Terror, and promises "new story content, playable Cleaners and Ridden, activity type, weapons, cards, and exclusive skins".

Tunnels Of Terror is a name I certainly hope would involve a funfair ghost train, but I suppose it could be... all sewer levels. Surely they wouldn't charge money to make a game worse. I know Gearbox did that by selling Bulletstorm DLC to add Duke Nukem, but that's not an example anyone should follow. No, surely a nice fun ghost train.

"Back 4 Blood is peak 00s action cheese and I am here for it," Alice Bee has declared. She's a fair fan of rude 'tude and detonating skulls using her baseball bat. And in the game, wuuuuaaaaaayyy!

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