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Back 4 Blood card list: best cards to use in your deck

Discover the best cards and deck in Back 4 Blood

Want to find the best cards in Back 4 Blood? The swarms of Ridden are ridiculously powerful in Back 4 Blood, especially when you make the leap to the appropriately named Nightmare mode. If you want to survive, you’ll need to construct the best deck for your character. Whilst you should choose certain cards depending on your character and build, there are some cards that are undoubtedly worth using no matter which character you play with.

This guide will show you the 11 best cards in Back 4 Blood, so that you can quickly assemble a powerful deck and jump into the action.

Back 4 Blood best cards

There are over 150 cards in Back 4 Blood, and most of them are great. However, the best cards are those that will offer a significant advantage with few drawbacks. If you have empty slots in your deck, or you just want to know the best cards in the game, we've got you covered.

Ridden Slayer

Description: +20% Weakspot Damage.

When slaying zombies and the various Special Ridden in Back 4 Blood, damage really is the name of the game. With that in mind, Ridden Slayer slots perfectly into any deck. The 20% damage increase to weakspots is crucial when fighting mutations, especially if you are on Veteran or Nightmare difficulty. This is one of the first cards in our Walker build, which focuses on increasing damage as much as possible.


Description: Precision Kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other Ridden within 4 meters.

Explosives are pretty useful when fighting zombies, but Broadside lets you turn Ridden into the thing they fear most. Each time you kill a Ridden, Broadside gives it a 20% chance to explode, damaging all other nearby enemies. 20% might not seem very high, but it's really powerful when mowing down a horde. Check out our Jim build to see this card in action.

Marked For Death

Description: Mutations you ping are highlighted and your team deals 10% increased damage to highlighted enemies.

Just like the other cards above, Marked For Death increases your damage again. However, it also helps you mark Special Ridden for your teammates by highlighting them, which is necessary if you want to kill mutations before they attack and leave your team in an injured shambles. You can find Marked For Death in our Karlee build if you want to create a scout deck.

Back 4 Blood Knowledge is power card

Knowledge Is Power

Description: +10% Weakspot damage. Allows players to see values for damage they deal and enemy health bars.

Okay, this is the last damage card. I promise. Other than the extra 10% weakspot damage, which you'll be grateful for when fighting an Ogre or a Hag, Knowledge Is Power allows you to see damage numbers and health bars on enemies, which helps you spot which weapons are worth using (and scratches the Destiny part of your brain). Watching those damage numbers fly around might also be the kick you need to start properly aiming for weakspots, as you'll be able to see just how much extra damage you can deal if you are precise.


Description: Breakout: Hold E to free yourself from Grabs. +50% Breakout Cooldown Reduction (base 60 seconds).

Damage is very important, but you can't fight the Ridden if you are pinned to the ground. Whether you've been trapped by a Hocker's spit, or a Stalker has pounced from the shadows, you usually need a nearby teammate to free you. If your teammate is distracted with a horde or other Mutations, you'll take a lot of damage whilst waiting and could go down very quickly. Breakout gives you an easy escape in these situations, allowing you to wrestle out of the Ridden's grasp. This fits into most decks, but it's worth noting that Evangelo already has a similar ability. Check out our Evangelo build to see which cards you should use with him instead.

Lucky Pennies

Description: Whenever you or your team loots Copper, you have a 35% chance to find 35% additional Copper.

Whilst the other utility cards mentioned also focus on dealing increased damage, Lucky Pennies takes a different path. Copper is the currency you use to buy weapons, items, ammo, and team upgrades during a run. Back 4 Blood doesn’t give you first aid kits and weapons in every safe room for free like in Left 4 Dead, so if you want to live to fight another day, you’ll need as much copper as you can find. This card applies to your whole team, so you should always ensure that one player has it active.

Cross Trainers

Description: +20% Stamina and Stamina Regen +3% Move Speed + 5 Health.

Back 4 Blood is filled with frantic moments where sprinting is usually the best option. Whether you are running from a horde, or making the final dash to a safe room, extra stamina and stamina regen are crucial. With extra little boosts to move speed and health without a single negative, Cross Trainers really is one of the most valuable cards in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood mobility cards, including Cross Trainers and Superior Cardio

Superior Cardio

Description: +20% Stamina and Sprint Efficiency + 5 Health

If you want to increase your stamina even further, take Superior Cardio. Like Cross Trainers, this card has no negative effect, but you'll be able to run for longer and take another hit from Ridden. That could be the extra push you need to survive another level and unlock a new starting point on your run. Of course, our Holly and Evangelo builds both drastically improve stamina, but Superior Cardio and Cross Trainers are best for everyone, as they offer lots of bonuses and don't require a specific playstyle or build.

Run And Gun

Description: You can shoot while sprinting.

Speed is important, but that doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice your firepower. Sprinting usually leaves you defenseless in Back 4 Blood, but with Run And Gun equipped, you'll be able to charge towards a horde with guns blazing. This lets you protect yourself when you're dashing to the saferoom, giving you those epic action movie moments.

Inspiring Sacrifice

Description: When you or a teamate becomes incapaciteated, all teammates heal for 25 health over 20 seconds.

Inspiring Sacrifice makes the most of a rough patch, healing everyone by 25 health when someone on the team goes down. Like Lucky Pennies, this applies to everyone on the team, so only one person needs to have it equipped. To see Inspiring Sacrifice used in a support deck, take a look at our Mom build.

Charitable Soul

Description: Healing a teammate also applies 50% of the effect to you.

If you want to make the most of every bandage, Charitable Soul is one of the best defense cards around. Whenever you heal a teammate, this card applies 50% of the effect to you. This means you'll get healed every time you use a bandage or painkillers on a teammate. This will boost your health and help you save healing items, as you should be able to get by without needing to heal yourself. Just wait for a teammate to lose health, and then jump in to heal them and get some sweet health points back for yourself.

Full Back 4 Blood card list

If you're in need of a complete list of every card in Back 4 Blood, then look no further.

Card Name Card Affinity Card Type Card Effect
Cross Trainers Reflex Mobility +20% Stamina, +20% Stamina Regen, +3% Move Speed, +5 Health
Energy Drink Reflex Mobility +40% Stamina, -5% Damage Resistance
Rhythmic Breathing Reflex Mobility +60% Stamina, -20% Slow Resistance
Reload Drills Reflex Offense +20% Reload Speed
Widemouth Magwell Reflex Offense +30% Reload Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Mag Coupler Reflex Offense +50% Reload Speed, disables Aim Down Sights
Slugger Reflex Offense +5 Health, +10% Melee Stamina Efficiency, +20% Melee Attack Speed
Brazen Reflex Offense +30% Melee Stamina Efficiency, +30% Melee Attack Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Meth Head Reflex Offense +40% Melee Attack Speed, +40% Melee Stamina Efficiency. Your Melee Attacks no longer stick in tough enemies. Disables Aim Down Sights
Ridden Slayer Reflex Offense +20% Weakspot Damage
Reckless Strategy Reflex Offense +30% Weakspot Damage, -5% Damage Resistance
Hyper-Focused Reflex Offense +50% Weakspot Damage, -75% ADS Move Speed
Hi Vis Sights Reflex Offense +30% Aim Speed
Tunnel Vision Reflex Offense +50% Aim Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Steady Aim Reflex Offense +80% Aim Speed, -50% ADS Move Speed
Shooting Gloves Reflex Utility +25% Weapon Swap Speed
Guns Out Reflex Utility +50% Weapon Swap Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Cocky Reflex Utility +75% Weapon Swap Speed. When you take damage, your Accuracy is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds.
Smelling Salts Reflex Utility +100% Revive Speed
Pep Talk Reflex Utility +150% Revive Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Rousing Speech Reflex Utility +225% Revive Speed, +20% Team Reduced Incap Trauma. Disables Offensive Accessories
Dash Reflex Mobility +5% Move Speed
Fleet Of Foot Reflex Mobility +10% Move Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Run Like Hell Reflex Mobility +15% Move Speed. When you take damage, your Accuracy is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds.
Superior Cardio Reflex Mobility +20% Stamina, +20% Sprint Efficiency, +5 Health
Olympic Sprinter Reflex Mobility +30% Sprint Efficiency, -5% Damage Resistance
Reckless Reflex Mobility +40% Sprint Efficiency. When you take damage while Sprinting, you lose all Stamina
Breakout Reflex Utility Hold E to free yourself from Grabs. +50% Breakout Cooldown Reduction (Base 60 seconds)
Combat Medic Reflex Defense +50% Use Speed. Heals teammates for an additional 20 Health when you revive them
Fire In The Hole! Reflex Mobility When you throw an Offensive Accessory, gain 20 Temporary Health and 20% Move Speed for 5 seconds
Medical Expert Reflex Defense +15% Healing Efficiency. When you use a Medical Accessory, you gain 15% Move Speed for 15 seconds
Rolling Thunder Reflex Mobility +35% Move Speed while firing with Shotguns. +10% Damage with Shotguns
Speed Demon Reflex Mobility +6% Move Speed while using an SMG. +35% Reload Speed while using an SMG
Hellfire Reflex Mobility +45% Move Speed while firing. +5% Move Speed while not firing
Marathon Runner Reflex Mobility No Movement Penalty for strafe and backpedal. Disables Sprint
Mandatory PT Reflex Mobility +15% Team Stamina
Pep In Your Step Reflex Mobility Precision Kills grant you 10% Move Speed for 5 seconds
Shredder Reflex Offense Each bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 seconds (stacks up to 15%)
Glass Cannon Reflex Offense +25% Damage, -30% Health
Sadistic Reflex Offense Gain 5% Weakspot Damage for each Precision Kill in the last 10 seconds
Evasive Action Reflex Mobility When you take a hit for 10 or more damage, gain 20% Move Speed for 3 seconds
Adrenaline Fueled Reflex Offense +100% Stamina, -75% Stamina Regeneration. When you kill an enemy, gain 10 Stamina instantly and an additional 10 Stamina over 5 seconds
Miraculous Recovery Reflex Defense When you use a Medical Accessory, it has a 25% chance to have 100% increased effect
Screwdriver Reflex Utility +50 Use Speed, +10% Stamina
Multitool Reflex Utility +75% Use Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Headband Magnifier Reflex Utility +125% Use Speed. When you take damage, you have a chance to be blinded for 1 second
Utility Scavenger Reflex Utility You can sense nearby Quick Accessories. More Quick Accessories spawn
Stimulants Reflex Mobility Pain Meds you apply also grant +10% Move Speed, +10% Reload Speed, and +10% Weapon Swap Speed for 30 seconds
On Your Mark... Reflex Mobility When you exit a starting saferoom your team gains +15% Move Speed for 30 seconds
Killer's Instinct Reflex Offense +30% Weakspot Damage. Disables Aim Down Sights
Power Swap Reflex Offense Changing weapons within 0.75 seconds of reaching low ammo grants +20% Damage for 5 seconds
Stock Pouch Reflex Offense +30% Sniper Ammo Capacity. +10% Damage with Sniper Rifles
Mag Carrier Reflex Offense +30% Pistol/SMG Ammo Capacity. +10% Damage with Pistols and SMGs
Mad Dash Reflex Mobility +20% Sprint Speed, -30% Sprint Stamina Efficiency
Ammo Pouch Discipline Offense +25% Ammo Capacity
Ammo Belt Disciple Offense +50% Ammo Capacity, -20% Stamina Efficiency
Ammo Mule Discipline Offense +75% Ammo Capacity. Disables Support Accessories
Front Sight Focus Discipline Offense +20% Accuracy
Optics Enthusiast Discipline Offense +30% Accuracy, -20% Stamina Efficiency
Quick Kill Discipline Offense +50% Accuracy. Disables Aim Down Sights
Motorcycle Jacket Disciple Defense +5% Damage Resistance, +5 Health
Padded Suit Discipline Defense +10% Damage Resistance, +5 Health, -20% Stamina Efficiency
Motorcycle Helmet Discipline Defense +15% Damage Resistance, +10 Health. Disables Aim Down Sights
Combat Training Discipline Offense +5% Bullet Damage, +50% Bullet Penetration
Large Caliber Rounds Discipline Offense +7.5% Bullet Damage, +100% Bullet Penetration, -20% Stamina Efficiency
Silver Bullets Discipline Offense +10% Bullet Damage, +150% Bullet Penetration. When you kill a Mutation, you lose 5 Copper
Antibiotic Ointment Discipline Defense +20% Healing Efficiency
EMT Bag Discipline Defense +40% Healing Efficiency, -20% Stamina Efficiency
Field Surgeon Discipline Defense +60% Healing Efficiency, -50% Use Speed
Energy Bar Discipline Mobility +20% Stamina Efficiency, +5 Health
Cold Brew Coffee Discipline Mobility +40% Stamina Regeneration, -10% Stamina Efficiency
Natural Sprinter Discipline Mobility +100% Stamina Regeneration, -50% Maximum Stamina
Inspiring Sacrifice Discipline Defense When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 25 health over 20 seconds
Charitable Soul Discipline Defense Healing a teammate also applies 50% of the same effect to you
Hunker Down Discipline Defense While crouching, gain 10% Damage Resistance and 40% accuracy
Avenge The Fallen Discipline Offense When you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates gain 30% Damage, 20% Reload Speed, and Unlimited Ammo for 10 seconds
Vanguard Discipline Defense Melee kills grant 1 Temporary Health to you and nearby teammates
In The Zone Discipline Offense Precision Kills grant 5% Reload Speed for 5 seconds (stacking up to 10 times)
Trigger Control Discipline Offense +25% Accuracy with Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles
Needs Of The Many Discipline Defense -20% Health, +1 Team Extra Life
Combat Knife Discipline Offense Turns your Bash into a Knife that counts as a Melee weapon
Meatgrinder Discipline Offense Gain 30% Move Speed and Accuracy while crouched using an LMG
Scattergun Kills Discipline Offense +40% Reload Speed with Shotguns
Controlled Movement Discipline Mobility +40% Move Speed while aiming down sights with Sniper Rifles
Ammo For All Discipline Offense +10% Team Ammo Capacity
Down In Front! Discipline Defense While crouching you neither take nor deal Friendly Fire damage. +10 Health
Poultice Discipline Defense When you use a Medical Accessory, the target heals for an additional 20 Health over 30 seconds
Group Therapy Discipline Defense When you use a Medical Accessory, all teammates heal for 5 Health
Medical Professional Discipline Defense First Aids and Defibrillators also recover 15 Trauma Damage and 1 Extra Life
Ammo Scavenger Discipline Utility You can sense nearby Ammo. More Ammo spawns
Support Scavenger Discipline Utility You can sense nearby Support Accessories. More Support Accessories spawn
Weapon Scavenger Discipline Utility You can sense nearby weapons. More weapons spawn
Amped Up Discipline Defense When you exit a starting saferoom, your team gains 50 Temporary Health
Patient Hunter Discipline Offense Each second you Aim Down Sights increases your Damage by 10% (up to 3 stacks)
Power Reload Discipline Offense Reloading a gun within 0.75 seconds of reaching low ammo will increase its magazine size by 30% until the next reload
Marked For Death Discipline Utility Mutations you ping are highlighted and your team deals 10% increased damage to highlighted enemies
Knowledge Is Power Discipline Utility +10% Weakspot Damage. Allows players to see values for damage they deal and enemy health bars
Tactical Vest Discipline Offense +30% Rifle Ammo Capacity, +10% Damage with Assault Rifles and LMGs
Experienced EMT Discipline Defense When you use a Medical Accessory, the target gains +20% Maximum Health until the end of the level
Vitamins Brawn Defense +15 Health
Hydration Pack Brawn Defense +25 Health, -15% Ammo Capacity
Canned Goods Brawn Defense +40 Health, -30% Stamina
Batter Up Brawn Offense +50% Melee Damage, +5 Health
Spiky Bits Brawn Offense +25% Melee Damage+10% Damage Resistance while using a Melee Weapon, -15% Ammo Capacity
Mean Drunk Brawn Offense +75% Melee Damage. Your Melee Attacks cause cleave through enemies dealing damage in a large area. Disables Sprint
Durable Brawn Defense +15% Trauma Resistance, +5 Health
Body Armor Brawn Defense +25% Trauma Resistance, -15% Ammo Capacity
Wooden Armor Brawn Defense +40% Trauma Resistance, -100% Fire Resistance, -100% Acid Resistance, -100% Explosion Resistance
Grenade Training Brawn Offense +25% Accessory Damage
Demolitions Expert Brawn Offense +50% Accessory Damage, -15% Ammo Capacity
Improvised Explosives Brawn Offense +75% Accessory Damage, -25% Swap Speed
Confident Killer Brawn Offense When you or your team kills a Mutation gain 1% damage (up to 15%) until the end of the level
Heavy Hitter Brawn Offense Melee hits against Weakspots deal +20% additional Stumble Damage
Ignore The Pain Brawn Defense +20% Melee Damage against Mutations. When you deal Melee Damage to a Mutation gain 1 Temporary Health and recover 3 Stamina
Berserker Brawn Offense Gain 10% Melee Damage, 10% Melee Speed, and 5% Move Speed for each Melee kill in the last 4 seconds
True Grit Brawn Defense When you take a single hit for 15 or more damage, heal 8 Health over 5 seconds
Pyro Brawn Offense +100% Fire damage. Kills with fire grant you 3 Temporary Health. You can sense flammable objects nearby
Bomb Squad Brawn Offense +100% Explosive Damage, +35% Explosive Resistance
Scar Tissue Brawn Defense Take 1 less damage from all Ridden
Battle Lust Brawn Defense Melee Kills heal 2 Health
Line 'Em Up Brawn Offense +100% Bullet Penetration with Assault Rifles
Face Your Fears Brawn Defense Gain 3 Temporary Health whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters
Well Fed Brawn Defense -20% Stamina Regen, +10 Team Health
Heavy Attack Brawn Offense Charge: Hold LMB with Melee Weapons to burst forward. Charge attacks deal 100% increased damage
Sunder Brawn Offense Melee hits cause the target to take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds
Overwatch Brawn Defense Kills from greater than 15 meters grant 5 Temporary Health to teammates within 10 meters of the target
Fresh Bandage Brawn Defense Heal 10 Trauma Damage at the start of each level
Two Is One And One Is None Brawn Offense You can equip a Primary weapon in your Secondary slot. -25% Swap Speed
Offensive Scavenger Brawn Utility You can sense nearby Offensive Accessories. More Offensive Accessories spawn
Chemical Courage Brawn Offense Pain Meds you apply also grant +25% Damage for 60 seconds
Numb Brawn Defense Gain 15% Damage Resistance while you have Temporary Health
Broadside Brawn Offense Precision Kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other Ridden within 4 meters
Buckshot Bruiser Brawn Defense When using Shotguns, gain Temporary Health for each pellet that hits
Second Chance Brawn Defense +1 Extra Life, +5 Health
Grenade Pouch Fortune Offense +1 Offensive Inventory
Double Grenade Pouch Fortune Offense +2 Offensive Inventory, -10% Damage Dealt
Surplus Pouches Fortune Offense -10% Health, +1 Team Offensive Inventory
Fanny Pack Fortune Defense +1 Support Inventory
Shoulder Bag Fortune Defense +2 Support Inventory, -10% Damage Dealt
Box O' Bags Fortune Defense -10% Health, +1 Team Support Inventory
Mugger Fortune Utility Melee kills have a 2% chance to spawn ammo
Highwayman Fortune Utility Pistol kills have a 2% chance to spawn ammo
Admin Reload Fortune Offense When you stow your weapon, it reloads. -15% Ammo Capacity
Bounty Hunter Fortune Utility When you kill a Mutation, gain 10 Copper (up to 300 per level)
Ammo Stash Fortune Offense Your secondary weapons have unlimited ammo. Your secondary weapons reload 20% slower
Life Insurance Fortune Defense +2 Extra Life. Lose 50 Copper at the start of each level
Wounded Animal Fortune Defense Kills while at Critical Health recover over 1 Health
Compound Interest Fortune Utility Gain 10% of your total Copper in each Saferoom
Lucky Pennies Fortune Utility Whenever you or your team loots Copper, you have a 35% chance to find additional Copper
Money Grubbers Fortune Utility Each time your team loots Copper, you gain 5 additional Copper, stacking up to 100 additional Copper
Run And Gun Fortune Mobility You can shoot while sprinting
Copper Scavenger Fortune Utility You can sense nearby Copper. More Copper Piles spawn
Share The Wealth Fortune Utility Each teammate gains 100 bonus Copper at the start of each level
Shell Carrier Fortune Offense +30% Shotgun Ammo Capacity, +10% Damage with Shotguns
Hazard Pay Fortune Utility Gain 250 bonus Copper at the start of each level
Saferoom Recovery Fortune Defense Your team heals 5 Trauma Damage and refills !0% Ammo the start of each level

Regardless of which character and build you are using, the cards above will fit into almost any deck and provide a huge boost. If you are looking for more help surviving the Ridden hordes, check out our tips and tricks for surviving Nightmare mode! If you aren't sure how to get new cards in Back 4 Blood, take a look at our Supply Lines guide. If you want to try out different characters, take a look at our guide on how to unlock all of the cleaners in Back 4 Blood.

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Back 4 Blood

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